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I'm hoping you can help me I have to question I hope you will take the time to answer I want to write an info product and your answers will help me.

1. What is your biggest problem trying to make money online?

2. Is this a problem you would like quickly resolved?

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    Biggest problem for me was making that first sale. After I had done this it was just replicated and repeated then the $$ started coming.

    Secondly, Yes I am very sure a lot of beginners would like a quick fix to this problem.

    Good topic, Going to be interesting to see what others start out problems etc were.
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    Biggest Problem for me was to stick with one thing, follow it through so to speak.

    Also beliving the "get rich fast" hype.... If you know that it normally takes a couple of months before a site starts showing results it will take some of the "why aint I rich yet..." stress.


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    The biggest problem for me was getting the first sale.
    You can hammer away at IM but if you don't get a taste of success no matter how small you eventually start to doubt the whole process. Once you don't believe in it it is easy to give up.

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