Goal Setting - Can You Do It?

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Hey Warriors; Quick question.

Basically I want to have some feedback from the community on their own personal "Goal Setting" Abilities and if they struggle to set goals for themselves in different aspects of their lives.


Is it something that you are not to focused on and just set 'broad' goals without specifics and a time frame?

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    Hi Samuel,

    I set my goals in the now. When I set a time frame I am tying the hands of the universe. I set the intention to act like I am already in possession of my goal(s) and proceed.

    So far, so good

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    The only technique to this is to never start a day that you're clueless. If you are, then, setup your mind to work by creating your own mindmaps or loops of ideas that would let you get started.

    I use FreeMind to create my mindmaps easily by doing it (connecting my ideas from one another) directly on my computer -- I would recommend you use that.
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    One secret to goal setting is to make your goal meaningful. Let's admit it.

    Some of us only prepare goals for the sake of having a goal. While a few do succeed in achieving them, there are plenty of others who only end up disappointing themselves. This happens when personal goal setting loses its real value.

    Look deep into your heart and reflect. What phase of life are you in right now? What is the next step for you? When setting goals, you need to consider how that goal will affect your life and that of your loved ones.

    Personal goal setting then becomes more meaningful and the drive to succeed grows stronger.
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      Hi Samuel

      Great question. I used to struggle with setting goals until I went to a great seminar last year. It taught me that even though I knew what I wanted to do with my life and where I wanted to be in say 2-5 years time the one thing that was stopping me was I didn't have a proper "plan of action".

      So all my dreams (even though they were true to me) deep down I realised I didn't know HOW I was going to achieve them so I was getting nowwhere fast. Then I found the answer of really setting goals and not just wishing them to reality. I found a proper "proven" system from someone who had been where I was - struggling at the beginning.

      I then became passionate about my dreams again because I knew that if I TOOK ACTION then I would achieve my goals in life.

      Two other things that help me immensely is to write down a list of "things to do" every night before I go to bed - so that when I start the new day I know EXACTLY what I need to accomplish. Very similar to what Tyrone mentioned about using mind-maps. It's an amazing feeling as you tick things off your list knowing that you're one step nearer to your goals.

      I have also created a scrapbook of pictures of all my goals/dreams that I want to achieve and look at them every day. Also putting a couple of pictures up on your fridge is very powerful. Eventually your subconscious is remembering say a car of your dreams or a house etc. and as you take each step day by day you'll find that more doors will open for you (without you realising) that takes you forward to that dream.

      Follow a proven system, create a scrapbook and a "things to do" list EVERY day; take it step-by-step (don't take too big a chunks) and don't stop. If you know where you're going then all the answers will come to you.

      Good luck everybody and DON'T GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS.
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    Goal setting is an interesting topic. If the goal I set is in line with my heart, then it will be achieve. There are many aspect in goal setting as well. Like how to find out what we really want. How to setup a realistic goal. How to break down the goal and really doing it.

    Read one of by post if you want :
    Important Step for Online Success : Goal Setting | Kin Lau's Blog

    Kin Lau
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    I decide what I want to achieve with my time or my life, and then set the precise personal target/goal that will lead me to achieving this. The more specific my goals are the more likely for me to be successful in achieving them in a shorter amount of time.

    I drill it down and figure out the reason why I am setting that goal, specifically what makes that goal important to me. Ask myself WHY that goal/target, several steps down to get to the core reason, which most of the time are tied to my values or the most important things to me in life, God, family, significant other, career, community etc. I also make sure that the goal is rewarding, which reinforces having clear reasons why I want to reach that goal.
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    Setting your goals is not that easy, you must always keep in mind that you will be dedicated on fulfilling your goals, learn from your mistakes, they are only stepping stones for your goals
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    I have never been good at setting goals and completing them. I'm not sure why. I probably need to do some serious self-examination.
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    I like to write all the stuff I need to get done on a list either in the morning or the evening before I start my day.

    Everything I don't get done get's brought to the top of the list for the next day (priority).

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