5 Credos to Succeed in Life

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Hi fellow warriors. Just want to share 5 principles to help get us to the end zone. feel free to share your own.

5 Credos to Succeed in Life

1. Yesterday's Dreams are Today's Realities

Or, what you dream about today will be your reality tomorrow - if you don't have a dream how can it come true!

2. Seeing Dreams Ahead

It's important to see yourself as you want to be - where you want to be - see yourself at the "goal line" - most people get stuck on the "rocky road' - Focus on the Goal not the Road to get there, because the "road to success" is always under construction.

3. Simulation: Practice Within When You're Without

People regularly practice playing a sport like golf or basketball - but few people think about "practicing being successful" You should "practice" success before you reach your goal.

4. Act as if There are NO Limits to Your Abilities

Act as if you are invincible - to act as if they could accomplish anything! Once one "acts" this way - they actually internalize the concept and start believing it themselves - I know one can accomplish much more than they usually ask of themselves; I always ask for more!

5. Enthusiasm: Greek God Within

Enthusiasm is from the Greek - meaning "God Within" - there is not one high performance person alive (or dead) who is not over enthusiastic about their business, their life - enthusiasm is contagious!

Credit goes to Dan Pena - 5 Credos
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