What's your key to staying on track?

by bm120
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My main problem when it comes to achieving goals or tasks is making myself put in the time to accomplish what I need to accomplish to reach a goal.

The main thing I do to get out of a rut if I fall into one is to take a couple minutes and think of all the reasons I should take action, and all the things I will lose by not taking action.

As soon as I finish thinking of all of my reasons, I immediately choose one task to get started on right away, it's amazing how a small action can create a big time snowball effect.

So all that being said, what do you do when you find yourself in a rut?
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    Smaller intermediate goals, it works well for me.

    You may be reaching for the stars and that's ok, but sometimes, somewhere along the road you might feel beaten and disheartened. That's when you have to look back and take the time to think about all the small things you have accomplished so far.

    Setting intermediate goals helps me to stay focused and motivated. Not something that can be done in a year or two, but rather goals that can be achieved within weeks or days.
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    I can surely reated to myself being in a rut. Day is day out the same things and get demotivation about everything.
    I find out a way to break it by having more rest, quality sleep and try not to do anthing at all, just focus on myself.
    Then I pick up one of the program I purchase ages ago but not listen to, that's Anthony Robbins, Get the Edge. Anthony mention about the way we move our body actually can change our mood. Long story short, I take his advice and go for a walk in the morning with his bonus CD. That's 4.30am in the morning, winter in New Zealand and I follow his special breathing pattern and visualize according to this suggestion. After that I feel much better in myself and more energy during the day and I actually have energy to do the task I've been putting off. I've been doing the morning walk 3 days now, feel much better.

    In conclusion, if you want a break through, just thinking is not enough, you need do something out of your normal routine, with your body moving. THen you'll find a new stream of energy.

    I highly recommand you get Anothy's CD, it works and the most important part, you need to get that started.
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    When I'm in a rut I don't have to think about the tasks or goals I'm trying to achieve. I already know what they are and the consequences of inactivity.
    I will take a step away and go do something I enjoy for awhile, usually some physical activity, go for a walk with the dogs, do some exercise. Or just get a cup of coffee and listen to some music. Then just jump back in. Start with a small step. Get it done. Move along.

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    Hi bm120,

    I follow a similar practice. I take a break each hour to fall back on my vision for 5 - 10 minutes. This instantly reminds me to head towards my goal. The following actions are naturally goal-achieving activities.

    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    First, attempt to identify and categorize in your own way, what your current issue is, it's cause, source, any data about it you have... and use that to decide what the best course of action for you at this moment is...

    @Ryan - I like your posts I read, your way of thinking/doing... however, respectfully, the editor in me would like to offer this constructive criticism.... The world is forever dynamic, and becoming more so at an exponential rate. This may be my personality type versus yours or whatever, but I think perhaps it might do you some good to let go of a little bit of your..... shall I call it, stick to the books operational procedure. Not to undermine it's importance, just to point out the need for the none of the above clause, in every procedure, be it your 10 minutes of meditation/visualization, problem solving, or anything else... Sometimes you can be in the same situation, but for a different reason, and need to adjust your program.... What are your thoughts?

    back to the OP....

    It helps to have another (or other) creative, intelligent, forward thinking mind(s) to talk to. People like us, often manage to sort out issues by having a conversation with somebody of the same wavelength, so to speak. For example, you call your best friend you've known for years and worked on many things together, whether it was building a shed, working on a website, babysitting each other's kids or whatever.... You've got writers block, or workers block going on before you call... You talk about the boat he's restoring, or plan a trip for next month... whatever... Are you following?
    You get back to the desk 20 minutes later, feeling stress free, clear, refreshed, and your thoughts are inspired once again. Sometimes the issues that plague you lay not in the surface, or the details.... You can't solve a problem with the same mind (set) as the one that created it. Take yourself to a different state of mind and you shall reveal the answers to yourself.
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    not making another goal
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    I use the leverage of my mastermind group. Usually if I'm in a rut, it is because I can't see the solution from the angle I'm in. I try to step back from everything, and see where things need to be adjusted, and if it isn't obvious to me, I fall back on the group.

    This hasn't failed me yet. I either have to look at it from a different perspective, or get a different perspective.

    Chris Owen Academy
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