The Four D's to Accomplishing Goals

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Decision: Knowing and deciding on what you want. Being as specific as possible helps. Apply the SMART method on creating your goal.

Desire: How motivated are you? It's 80% WHY, & only 20% how! Found out the why!

Deadline: For time perspective, and 'pressure'. Has to be realistic, ie. a time frame you genuinely believe is achieveable for each mini-step you have to take towards accomplishing your goal.

Discipline: Discipline to take action and stick to your deadlines. I believe the self-help industry is so huge and is going to remain huge, until people start taking action. If you actually took action you'd stop needing to go back to the bookstore so often to buy even more information, on exactly the same topic, that you're not going to do anything with anyway.
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    Hi truth,

    Keen insight here. Decision is what separates dreamers from doers. Once doing you need a strong fire under your desire or the flame and your wants will expire.

    As for deadlines I'm a Now kind of dude. I continue to expect my goals to manifest in the Now and attract circumstances which are in alignment with my goals.

    The self-help industry will continue to grow at a breakneck pace. Human nature dictates that we are to delay before moving into a course of action. Too much "bad" stuff could happen when you take massive action. This is the general consensus so PD books will continue to fly off of the shelves.

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    Thanks for the good advice, Truth23. It is the easy way out not to try your very best all the time. I look forward to learning more here on the Warrior Forum. I think so far it has been time well spent. Thanks for sharing your 4 D's.
    Elizabeth Sheppard
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    Thanks for the post, I haven't heard it with the four D's before. I do agree with your thinking here.

    Most of the students I coach have the same issues. Unless they are new to the industry, they all have done a large amount of reading and research. The problem that most of them have, is that they keep reading and researching and never implementing what they are learning. I have actually had people who've been through $500 and up PPC courses, that didn't have a PPC account. Go figure.

    Chris Owen Academy
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    You can pretty much use this in anything you do in life, thanks for these steps. I will definately apply, thanks.

    Steve P.
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    Awesome post, I strongly agree with all of that.
    It takes alot of effort to really set a goal and achieve it..but for the few who can do it...their potential is absolutely enormous.
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