What Do You Do To Stay Persistent?

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Most people don't reach their goal because they give up before arriving.

It's vital to keep vivid reminders of your goal in plain sight throughout the day.
  • Write it on a piece of paper and keep it in your wallet
  • If it's a physical goal post it as wallpaper on your computer
  • Construct a vision board

Also take frequent breaks in order to repeat an affirmative statement to yourself, along the lines that you are in possession of your goal.

Your thoughts create your reality. Unless you make the effort to impregnate your mind with images of EXACTLY what you want you will think about what you don't want, which is why the majority get exactly what they don't want.

How do you stay persistent?
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    Surround myself with people that provide encouragement and wisdom.
    Remember that every mistake, every "failure", is a lesson that teaches us, and continues to teach us as long as we retain that information and apply it.
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    Good points, ryanbiddulph. It's always good to have things remind you about your new goals.

    I also think that the path leading to the goal should be an end in itself. What this means is that if you want to quit your day job and earn a living by blogging, blogging should be an activity that you feel excited to do (even without any income at first).

    And to keep the enthusiasm burning, it's important to set much smaller goals along the path that serve as checkpoints. Your list of checkpoints might look something like this:

    1. Register a domain, and get your blog hosted.
    2. Write your first blog post.
    3. Talk to your friends and family about your blog.
    4. Put up a poster about your blog on your school's/company's bulletin board.
    5. Get indexed by Google.
    6. Get your first RSS subscriber.
    7. Get your first comment from a stranger.
    8. Get over 25 daily visitors.
    9. Make your first affiliate sale.
    10. Write your first guest post.

    Keep the tasks realistic and interesting. If you've played a massive roleplaying game like Morrowind or Fallout 3, you know that small tasks like quests, collectibles and exploration are some of the fundamental aspects that make the games interesting. If you had no goals, the game would only turn out to be dull and not worth spending more time on. The same principle applies to any other endeavor. Be creative about your pursuits, because if you fail to keep things interesting, you can predict that it's gonna turn out bad.
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    We're by nature persistent beings for example; going regularly to office, eating without fail, taking regular sleeps and engaging in relaxing activities. When we bring something new in our calenders the whole story of being persistent begins.

    You decided you've to add something NEW in your life. Let's say a new goal.
    You observed that you can devote time to that pursuit
    You've monetary resources to begin.
    What's needed to go further is 'persistency' and simply by saying 'do ____ at __ o'clock everyday with success because it will bring ________ rewards'

    Another thing is not analysing the goal again...if you do re-analysis it'll bring another idea causing the old idea to die and as a result persistency cycles gets broke.
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    Take some time to think about _why_ your goals are important to you. Sometimes we forget that, and if you forget why a goal is important, well you forget to pursue it and take action on it.
    Analyze your thoughts and look for improvements.
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    I was in ICU in Germany for 3 months after getting hit by a mortar round in Iraq. My back was broken and they said they lost count at over 700 holes in my body.

    I asked the nurse to place a note above me.

    "Pain is Weakness Leaving My Body"

    She made a huge banner and it stayed there on the ceiling until the day I left. Most people never think to use messages and affirmations, but I can speak from experience, that if you tell your mind you can do it, it will act accordingly.
    Chris Owen Academy
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    Hi Chris,

    I appreciate your service and the sacrifice you made for this country.

    The body is a slave to the mind. Your experience proves this. Affirmations create realities, no matter what the circumstances.

    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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      Wow, great advice guys. I learned a lot! I enjoy
      reading posts like these!
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        I work in a tandem, talk to myself loudly when I'm alone and I'm reminding myself all the nice things we'll do with my girl together when money will finally flow in the right direction.

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    Persistence is a funny thing, human beings are not persistence by nature, we are not focused by nature. The media has reduced out attention span and ability to focus so much that it gets harder and harder to stay on topic and stay persistent.

    Me personally?

    I always find that breaks help to keep me focused and mentally able to keep working. The breaks allow my mind to take a break and think about other things which leaves it refreshed once i start again.

    I usually try to get the bulk or the least liked part of my day out of the way early. This allows me to tackle it while i am fresh and willing to work. Then as the day goes on and i start to burn out I can focus on the things that are much more fun.

    exercising regularly and getting proper sleep is an amazing way of keeping your energy level up. Energy is the key to persistence, if you don't have the energy to complete what needs to be done then you will not be able to do it.

    There are many ways that people stay focused and persistence, the above three are things that I personally do for myself.
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    Everyday I see my children and wife, they need me , I want my family to be happy and money can ease me to do that (and there's things that money can't buy) and I believe that I'm doing the right thing right now.
    I can see my dream clearly. =)

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    I frequently envision the potential fruits of success to stay persistent.
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    What has made me persistent in Internet marketing?
    Going to work 40+ hours a week.

    What keeps me on track on a new goal?
    1. Having a to do list
    2. Adding something new every week.

    When I started working out regularly again, I didn't start out doing a bunch of lifts 3 times a week. I did ten push-ups 3 times a week. The easier it is to do a new thing, the easier it will be to stick at it.
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