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My wife and I are going to a workshop put on by Robert Kiyosaki next Tuesday. I just read Rich Dad/Poor Dad and happened to see the add for the workshop. What a coincidence-Huh? Here is a link for his schedule:Register for FREE Rich Dad Workshop | Rich Dad Education | Learn to be Rich
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    I read his books (rich dad poor dad, cashflow quandrant, conspiracies of the rich) - and he has a lot of free 'sales pitch' seminars throughout the nation.

    If you go to any of them, pay attention to all the sales tactics they use.

    Very high pressure!

    A $495 3-day seminar of basic stuff you can find in many books (and a special guest is free!).

    Well, I did not sign up for any of those though.
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      Listening to his 'Choose to be Rich' program at the moment. I love his no nonsense approach and he really makes you take an honest look at yourself so you can see why you are in the current position you are in. Highly recommend it to anyone who likes his work
      Happiness and success are states of mind - what state is your mind in?
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    I enjoyed reading his book "Rich Dad poor Dad" and I found it very insightful. It gets you thinking.

    It's a good investment on yourself. Enjoy the seminar and share the with us waht comes out of it.
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    I also enjoyed Kiyosaki's books. I have read most of them. It is a wonderful way to change your mindset!
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      I own most of the books that came out of the kiyosaki stall.
      His investment books helped me to make a mindset change and the books on property and selling have come in very handy in making some money!
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    We are going tonight. I'll post in the morning about the experience.
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    I think RK is a good example of good ol' fashioned marketing. I like alot of what he talks about even if The Rich Dad poor dad story is completely made up ( and yes it's made up )
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    Ahhh rich dad poor dad. I loved the board game and the books were a fun read. A bit dated on the technical info in those books, but they are quite powerful.

    I'll eventually get into real estate... :p
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    Originally Posted by solardave View Post

    My wife and I are going to a workshop put on by Robert Kiyosaki next Tuesday.
    I certainly hope you don't think that Robert Kiyosaki will be there.

    He has these "free" seminars all over the country to upsell you to his high priced courses.

    His books are really good, but I am not a fan of his seminar methods.
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    Rich Dad, Poor Dad is his best work...he flooded the market with a lot of books and it kind of saturated everything..I watched a couple of videos and its more or less what he teaches in his books..which is what you should expect...
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      I read some of Kiyosaki books (Rich Dad Poor Dad, Cash Flow Quadrant, etc) and I learn a lot of things from those books
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