Still not successful? - this test will tell you why

by bizfox
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I wasn't brought up to be business-minded and this just may be what's stopping me from being successful. What if you could pinpoint why you aren't a millionaire already?

I take this test every week to make sure my ship is still on course. It will open your eyes to your mental roadblocks to success.

>Click here to take the Success Test

My Scores:

Success test 1
Optimism test 24
depression Test 26

Success Test

-3 is a perfect score.
5< is ok
5-10 moderate risk
10-16 get help

Optimism Test

0 - Extremely pessimistic
12 - Midpoint
24 - Extremely Optimistic

Depression test
25-49 Normal Range
50-59 Mildly Depressed
60-69 Moderately Depressed
70 and above Severely Depressed
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