Ever tried to eat a giraffe?

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Hi Everyone,

Been a while I have been working hard not spending so much time in here
You know something.... I was thinking that everyone wants to be rich,make huge dollars online or offline or what have you. the trouble is they/we want it now...right now.

Seems to me that we end up putting a giraffe on our plate right off the bat. talk about biting off more then we can chew so a ton of folks just get discouraged and give up. seriously think about this as you daily pursue your business and build it up. when you were born you couldn't do anything you had to learn how to crawl what is safe and what is not etc.....

Remember that when you start a business online or off the same things are required it doesn't matter if you have a masters degree or no education you have to start somewhere. I have learned a ton of lessons and one of them is don't try to eat the giraffe before you can eat the pablum. in other words Do not try and do everything at once stick all your eggs in a basket and jump head first into the deep end. remember that success is something that will indeed come but it takes time you need teeth before you can eat meat.

see ya around
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    Wait what?????

    You all cannot eat a whole giraffe at the same time

    I can eat 2 of them in one bite

    “The first draft of anything is shit.” ~Ernest Hemingway

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    Rather say elephant than giraffe, an elephant is much bigger!
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