Success Comes From Within

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Success is an idea, it's a feeling. Outside things don't make you successful. Success is an inside job.

If you rely on results to prove your success you will fail. In the beginning, very little of what you do will appear to be working. Trust these appearances and you build an image of yourself as a failure. Whatever you do fails. Until you change the mental picture, your wheels will continue to spin. You must hold an image of yourself as a successful person through all of the trials and tribulations which you experience.

Another error is thinking that you've made it after a few outside successes. I've been guilty of this on more than one occasion. After coming up with an excellent idea I figured that I'd reached my goal. The universe had different plans for me though.

The idea is not to ignore victories. Note them, celebrate them and move on. Know that holding a mental picture of yourself as a successful person is what predicated these circumstances. Focus on the mental picture and you continue to receive results according to the picture of success.

Over time it becomes easier to hold your mental picture and ignore any circumstances which are to its contrary. By this I mean seeing yourself as a successful person when you're broke, with no team members or prospects in the pipe. A successful mindset is borne of a habitual thinking.

Spend at least 30 minutes in silence each day. Perform affirmations for 30 minutes. Take 10-15 minute breaks on the hour whenever you're working. It's when you pull back from the outside world that your progress rapidly accelerates. Spend most of your day in the "Reality" (emphasize the capital "R") and you look to Reality to validate yourself. You continue to search the outside for what can only come from within.

Keep pulling back, continue to hone your mental tools and eventually nothing on the outside can stop you from becoming a wildly successful person.

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