Let's raise kids to be entreprenuers

by bizfox
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Is your child bored in school, failing classes, at odds with peers. He might be an entrepreneur

Just sharing a video i came across

Let's raise kids to be entrepreneurs - Cameron Herold
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    Woah, thanks so much for the video bizfox. I love TED! So much golden material there.

    Really glad you posted that video. When I'm making more money my plan has always been to enlighten youth to the possibilities and rewards that come to taking risks and chasing success. The aftermath is always positive not only on the individual but to those around them. So I'm glad to see this video touching on that topic.

    Thanks again

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      Thanks for sharing the link on let's raise kids to be entrepreneurs. This is why I support charities such as the National Association for Teaching Kids Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship should be required in schools.

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    Search up the tedtalks channel on youtube. I have been watching them for a long time because of the insanely creative ideas on there.

    I don't believe in the school system.

    I honestly believe it is outdated, and KILLS creativity. Think about it. All you do is memorise facts, and regurgitate.

    And if your not good at that, your labelled as a failure. Think about what kinds of impacts that has on a kid growing up. Were not all the same, we all learn differently and we are not robots.

    I could rant on it all night long, but heres some food for thought:

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    Some of the Charter Schools are now project based they have a number of experiential programs that allow kids to run things like a "school store". These projects often bring out the entrepreneurial spirit in kids.
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    Yes, entrepreneurs can develop the country.
    It's say that well-developed country has 2% of its people.
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    Here's a powerful 60-second Message for everyone but especially teens.


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    I don't have kids yet, but I teach my niece to make money online, as that's what I'm good at. But I'm also teaching her an overall entrepreneurial mindset, and to always think "outside the box", and to always be aware of potential opportunities. She now see's opportunities sometimes, althought they're a little farfetched at times lol at least she's getting it.
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  • Totally! I love the part about allowance in particular.

    I started an entrepreneurial club at Shinka Martial Arts, my school. Its awesome!
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    I currently serve as a volunteer facilitator at Youth Media Minds of America. After they are taught the basics of video and audio producution they must complete a finished program over a 9 weekend deadline.
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