You are what you eat....

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You are what you eat - so what do you eat?

Let food be thy medicine, and let thy medicine be food.
Hippocrates ("father" of medicine)

Nutrition and self-improvement goes hand & hand. Without proper nutrition and subsequent health, you will not improve because you may be "diseased".

My question is, what is your diet?

My diet

I am proudly Vegan (but not one of them hardcore anti-meat and anti-everything else types )

I do not eat meat (including fish) or any dairy products.

How about you?
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    I eat the complete opposite of you

    My free PSD logs can be downloaded at PSD Bum. Enjoy!

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      Originally Posted by aaron_nimocks View Post

      I eat the complete opposite of you
      ha ha ... I get that a lot. I OVERstand! Not for everyone. I cast no judgment and appreciate the same in return.
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        Kettle Cooked Potato Chips are the mainstay of my diet. Along with Sloppy Joes and Pizza...and everytime I put down 7 slices of pizza I feel wonderful!

        BTW, I was born in Findlay Ohio. I don't know why I felt like saying that, but hey man Cedar Point fing rocks!
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    If you truly are what you eat, maybe I should be eating lions! :p

    Because right now, I'm probably a cow/pig hybrid. :confused:
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