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This article is clear. For every person that said they were not good enough. (I was one of them) I battered around inside my own head fighting myself. I came on the internet 2 years ago. It seems so long ago that I set out to go on the internet in hopes of creating financial freedom but at times it seems like I made a mistake. Spent 4 grand in search of marketing strategies. It was never a lack of effort. Just a lack of Belief.

I fought at times spending 12 hours a day on the internet trying to establish the income I wanted but frankly all that time was done so in fear. It was done in hopes of not working like my father. A job he hated for 20 years. I read an article of an individual and he said something to the extent of "whats the point in working all your life to enjoy a little of it". .

Life should be enjoyed and ever person who has an intention of doing something has every damn right to do so. 97% of internet marketers fail, you need to be committed. But I don't believe those 97% they fail because they don't have strong wills but because they don't have the vibration set point to be successful. From what I've read on a metaphysical level everything is energy and energy omits frequencies. Depending on the frequency we omit that is what comes back to us in our physical existence.

That is why I don't believe life has to be hard or we have to struggle. I don't believe there is "something" out to get us or that we have to fight because in our mind we can visualize anything we want. There is no limit to it. In a sense we set our own limits and I whole heartedly believe everyone deserves abundance.

To have everything flow to them through sheer intention. I believe in love but I don't believe in working with a "never quit" attitude because in that mindset you focus on quitting. I may be arguing semantics but I believe that we can attract everything we need. Its just a series of learning how we emit certain frequencies. I remember reading "If we are denying our physical world experiences we are denying ourselves".

My point is simple start dreaming again, start living a life of abundance. Wayne Dyer said "there is no way to abundance, abundance is the way".
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    This one is great tip.I feel like i am reading one of the wayn dyer 's book ,Wayn dyer is my favorite author .I just like to day , Just imagine what you want . Feel it , experience it like you have already achieve it .

    It might be chance that you can not achieve that thing but the happiness and feeling what you got by using this simple imagination will make you much feel better and it will give some positive effect in your life .

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