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This book will be published by "Publish America" and I would love to see you all at the book stores to obtain it~! I am grateful for all of your support, and kind words, and positive thoughts.
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    hi nicholas,

    like you i have sought self awareness and an understanding of life rather than simply seeking to control or acquire it. i would like to read your book and will give a review if you wish.
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    Yes your book does sound intriguing. I would love to be of help too. I believe in the power of positive thinking, and am working on changing thinking patterns that I have had my whole life.

    Please PM with details.

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    Sounds Great, Emailed You
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    Hi Nicolas, the problem with books that tend to change your thinking is that you loose your self awareness and purpose in life. Nobody influences my thinking and my mind is my most valuable asset so no one mucks around with it. That's why I don't use alcohol, have never taken mind altering drugs, and am very careful what I take in.

    This is my favorite quote: What you eat today walks and talks tomorrow.

    God bless
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      Miss Norma,
      The books purpose is not to change your personality or passions in life. It is to help you be consistantly MORE positive, to gain a stronger ability to believe in yourself and your abilities, and eliminate the word "Can't" from your knowledge of all things. Your self awareness is full preserved in reading this book, and if anything, it is strengthened with a newly born passion for yourself, and what you may accomplish.

      A quote from my book is: "If you work hard on your Job, you can earn a living, If you work hard on yourself, you can earn a fortune~!"

      Gratefully yours,

      Tech, Web, & Media of Tomorrow - what you?

      Celeb - Celeb Vids, Pics, News, & Dirt

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    So how do we know you won't just brain wash to send you all our money.

    I'm up for this!! I'll e-mail you.
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    Hi Nicholas.

    I've PM'd you and would love the opportunity to review your book. Thanks for extending the offer.

    Local Internet Marketing Expert
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    Your sooo right... most people don't even understand how powerful the human mind truly is. The things we attract into ours lives are a direct result of our thoughts.

    I'm a firm believer in the power of positive thinking!!!

    You know what they say... "You are what you eat!" well I say... "You are what you think!"

    Stop Guessing and Start Profiting...

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