Keep It Real + Internet Marketing. Possible?

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"Keep it real!!!"

"Be yourself!!!"

One of the most popular personal-growth cliche in pop-culture -- yet is it an oxymoron when it comes to IM?

I hear people say "keep it real" all the time - yet those are just words to me. It's the action that matters.

When an opportunity arises to make tons of money - do you "keep it fake"?

What about when you are writing a sales copy or headline -- do you exaggerate a bit? Do you use lines like "Get this now - only 17 copies left" or "I will limit this until next month" -- when in reality, you're just using the scarcity principle to drive urgency?

Do you have sites branding yourself as an expert on various niches (i.e "get rich on the Internet") when you're not even rich yet?

Do you follow WSO instructing you BH methods to create fake blogs, fake facebook fan pages, fake ads, etc?

IM gurus are promising you the world and a dreamy lifestyle whenever they release the "best" and "game changing" every month. Are they keeping it real if the "best" comes out every month?

Although I'm talking about "keeping it real" from a literal sense, how often do you really "keep it real" when it comes to IM activities?

There are times, I like to be really honest about my sales page (even admitting it's not the best product out there compared to others), but often visitors might think I'm not confident in my product and resulting in less sales. On the other hand, there are times just making wild claims might increase my conversion, but what's the point if you lose trust and get refunds?
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    I believe that the reason why the IM world has such a bad reputation is because people are faking it too much.. I believe in keeping it real. I get pissed of when i see those messages of limited amount and then i see that months later the guy has still the same message in fact I've asked a lot of refunds based just on that.

    Now I learned copywriting with John Carlton and I can related with what you've said about scarcity and stuff but here's something that good marketers will do, before releasing the product give it away to a couple of people for free and test it out. If it really worked then it makes total sense to write all of those bold clames that we see all of the time on the web, if it is just for a quick buck, karma will get you... (from personal experience I've tasted some of that so believe me karma will bit you in the ass)
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    You can definitely keep it real. If you promote a product you genuinely are passionate about, your writing will exude a sense of excitement 1,000 fluffy adjectives cannot.

    That's why you can't have making money as your goal in order to keep it real. If so, you'll have the temptation to exaggerate to force more sales.
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    Hi excoder01,

    Write with passion and be genuine. Fake it content wise until you make it. That means letting go the hype and creating content like the experts in your niche, non-stop. It's like imagining yourself to be an expert and leaving the hype that competitive types are desperate to use behind.

    You can exude confidence without having made a sale. This is a challenge and few take the effort to train their mind to think success even when you are feeling. But when you put the effort in the results will follow. People are more attracted to your energy more than anything else.

    It's a natural process. When you hype things up you attract people who want to get rich quick: bad eggs. Even when you don't hype things up you might attract these types. It's best to let these folks go as it creates headaches down the road.

    Ryan Biddulph
    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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