What are your top 3 motivational methods?

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What are your top three motivational methods that keep you going?
E.g 1) listening to music
2) Reading up motivational books
3) a visual board
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    1. Moving around. Exercise.
    2. Music
    3. Doing what I love
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    1. Finding new motivational material to read each morning
    2. Expensive items that money can buy
    3. Visualization of the near future
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      At the core?
      1. Pain
      2. Pleasure
      3. Both (very confusing)
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        I find checking my adsense profits (or not!) is a big motivator for me. When they are good I take it easy and when they are bad, I really motor and start doing 'to do' lists and prioritising my next moves.
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        Originally Posted by zenmn View Post

        At the core?
        1. Pain
        2. Pleasure
        3. Both (very confusing)

        Spot on!

        True motivation is:

        1. Experiencing the complete opposite of what you want
        2. Experiencing a glimpse of what you want
        3. A factor/emotion that makes you believe that can walk from 1 to 2.
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    1.Remember to erase memories with (ho'oponopono)
    2. I create my world and reality, so if I don't like something, I have the power to fix it.
    3. Looking at nature and animals to be inspired and filled with love.
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  • anytime i'm not feeling inspired, it's usually because i'm believing a bunch of stressful thoughts... so to find inspiration again i do the following:

    1. questioning my stressful/limiting thoughts (thework.com)
    2. the release technique/sedona method
    3. dancing, exercise, yoga, rebounding
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      Coming up with what I think is a really good idea and acting on it. It's like the blood just continues to pump until everything is in place and I can hit the "send" button.

      Then I can't wait to see the results. Even if the results are dismal I then start picking everything apart to see where it can be improved.

      Do all my ideas result in success? Nope. But if I don't try them how will I know if the will work?

      Very motivating!
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    1. Personal Goals
    2. Realization of potential rewards
    3. Fear
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    I am a big fan of motivational speaker Les Brown. One thing that he says is that you should find 5 things that empower you when you want to quit - things that keep you going. Write them down and keep referring to them. For example, for me right now my daughter needs braces, and that's not going to happen if I don't keep pushing. My other daughter is pregnant with twins and is going to need lots of help. I have to keep those types of things up front - the reasons WHY I'm doing what I'm doing.

    1. Watching Les Brown videos motivates me.
    2. I subscribe to different daily motivational quotes.
    3. Certain people's success inspires me.


    "It's never too late to be what you might have been." ~ George Eliot

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    3.The one I love :]
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    For me it is really tapes, books, and seeing others succeeding and saying "If they can do it, SO CAN I.

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    I only have one:

    Start a New Project.

    If I get sour on my projects, I start a new one...and then go back and forth between them.
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    1- listening music
    2- a glass of wine
    3- a hug from my wife
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      I get/stay motivated about my whole life experience (not just about money - that's too easy to make). Without being motivated by the whole of the tremendous opportunities as presented upon the horizon of God's daily sunrise of opportunity, I would merely be waiting for unplanned tomorrows to accumulate into a life of wasted yesterdays.

      My top 3 things I do every day to bring all into focus are:

      1) Wake early and spend quiet time giving gratitude for what I DO have and meditate on the opportunities for that day.

      2) Review my long-range plans, and ensure my goals continue to support my definition of what success will be in all areas of my life.

      3) Look for areas where I can give of myself without the expectation of anything in return. Just the simple act of sharing brings even more into my life.

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    Focus on the outcome and fix my mind on it while experiencing the joy and satisfaction feelings of already having it. I find this enables me to use my subconscious mind to access the infinite and receive the plan of how this will be achieved. When it comes, I write it down, stick that paper right above my computer where I see it all the time. Then I begin working on it right away.

    Also, I go through the process daily of meditating on the state of reaching the goal already until it is complete.
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    my motivational methods that keep me going are
    1. laughing
    2. crying
    3. imagening how beautiful it could be
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    1. Focus on my wins.
    2. Focus on my wins
    3. Focus on my wins.
    I suppose this sounds cute, but this really is my answer. Only focus on what's right and what's working. And I'm always able to find wins if I really look hard.
    Local Internet Marketing Expert
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    1) success
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    2)hard work
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      Just a couple more thoughts on this very important quality - important as it all relates to the attitude displayed as we are reachig for an enjoyable life.

      I understand the unlimited opportunities presented by each sunrise, my unlimited power of positive thought and the importance of eliminating negativity from my thoughts, habits and actions. I also appreciate the fact that the level of my achievements is a direct reflection of the intensity of my expectation, attitude, desire and commitment.

      Self-energizing is the untapped resource every one possesses. It provides me with the ability to pursue future successes with enthusiasm, positive habits, attitude and productive action. My mind and body will perform exactly as I train them. The more positive my thoughts, the more positive I will think and act.

      Negative thinkers believe that they can read a book, listen to a tape, watch a video, or the like, and it will motivate them out of their self-created "fog". They believe this - they actually want to believe this - even if it's only for a few moments or a few days.

      One of the problems negative-thinkers have is the lack of positive self- motivation (self-energizing). This includes procrastination, boredom, self-pity, frustration (not getting what was hoped for), and a general lack of enthusiasm about the future. Therefore, if I can increase the amount of time I'm energized and enthusiastic, I can achieve a higher level of productive performance while living my definition of success.

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  • 1) Clear my mind of all thought
    2) Rest in the quietness
    3) Consider then the most important thing, resurrecting the clear image in thought and turn the thought around to examine it closely along all its sides on the stage of my awareness, as the object that it is
    4) Set it aside, and think of nothing else as I set about enjoying the actions necessary for its actualization

    T. Lavon Lawrence
    Author, NEURO-SCULPTING!© and Mental Trainer

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    exercise (maybe yoga)
    always discovering
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      I have a lot of motivational factors, the biggest one being self-achievement and self-growth. I find that when I help someone with my work and see them happy that it makes me want to do even more to help others achieve their goals, which in turn gives me self-achievement.

      Visualizing putting my kids through college and being there for them, whatever they need...
      Visualizing going into a store and being able to buy whatever I want with money not being a factor, including houses and cars...
      Visualizing being happy with no worries...

      These are my motivational factors
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    Would be listening to the right kind of music i.e. Rocky Soundtrack. Reading an inspiring article or book. Seeing or reading about the success of others also inspires me to want to achieve what they have done.
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      Originally Posted by Trandanos View Post

      Would be listening to the right kind of music i.e. Rocky Soundtrack.
      Great soundtracks.. Music is proven to effect the brain and emotions. Exercising as well. Doing both at the same time is great !

      "One Man's Ceiling is Another Man's Floor

      "I Pay Less Attention to What Men Say. I Just Watch What They Do."
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    1. I always track my success in the past, it helps me to believe that I will be successful in future.
    2. One day I heard a phrase "When God closes a door, he opens the window". I remember it and try to look for alternatives in difficult situations.
    3. I never press my soul to do smth if it tells me "I don't want to do it"
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    1) Definitely music.
    2) Have good work ethic.
    3) Overdo what NEEDS to be done.
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    1) meditate
    2) reminding goal
    3) recall appreciations received and achievements
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      1. When what I am doing become successful, because it motivates me to keep at it.
      2. When what I am doing is not successful, because it motivates me to try harder or change paths.
      3. My kids
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    1. My visual board and the fact that I hate the RAT RACE with a passion.
    2. I want to provide the monetary funds to help family members realise their goals and dreams - fund college tuitions, help with mortgage financing - small business capital and establish a family fund/trust.
    3. I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt I am not suppose to be lacking financially. Poorness is no disgrace only a setback - if I allow it.
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    1. The Boardroom
    2. Exercise - I like Robbins' "Hour of Power"
    3. Movie Maker Visual Boards

    The first two really helped me this summer (2008) when I did an internship with a paper company. I found that I was overwhelmed with all the work and didn't really care for any of it.

    Working out every second day got me going a lot. Be grateful certainly worked very well too.

    The boardroom, an mental stronghold I've created for myself to retreat to when I'm confused was by far one of the most powerful methods of inspiration. More on that later.

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      1. Thinking About My Greater Future
      2. Listening To Subliminal Music
      3. Reading Success Books

      It's not over until it is Over!

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    1. Look at pictures of things I want
    2. Go outdoors and relax
    3. Sleep

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    My 3 motivators are...
    1. Being blessed to see a new day.
    2. Feeling blessed with new clients each day.
    3. Progressing each day in my craft.
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    1. Prayer
    2. Time with my wife, my biggest cheerleader
    3. Going over my goals and working on them..shutting out the world
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    My top 3 are:-

    1. Taking Action!
    2. My Coaches and Mentors
    3. Reading Personal Development books and magazines

    Hope that helps.

    SIGNATURE EDITED - please read sig rules

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    1) Yoga
    2) Music
    3) One cup of green tea
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      For my motivators I would have to list:

      (1) Knowing that Col. Sanders was MUCH older than I am now when he
      became successful.
      (2) Knowing that I am the only one in charge of my success or failure and
      that I have the ability to use my failures to finance my success.
      (3) Knowing that my wife if with me in my daily stretch for Internet success

      In reality the biggest of these is knowing that my wife is with me for without that the other two mean very little.

      There is never a BAD time to help those living with lousy kidneys!

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    My dreams and the future. Thinking of a gloomy future scares me a lot.
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  • 1. Use Anthony Robbins Course

    2. Ask God For Help

    3. Take Action do something towards your goal

    Hope this had helped

    Frank Gorka
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    I find motivation in a lot of the things I do every day.
    But here's my top 3:
    1. Getting idea's,/being creative and/or dreaming about what it will be like when I strike gold.
    2. Taking 1 cigarette and watching the beautiful norwegian,snowy mointains alone, and thinking.
    3. Music - A state of trance with Armin Van Buuren.
    - Preben

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    Hi, Here are my top three.

    1: Knowing someone personally who IS as successful as I would like to be. IE a really good role model

    2: Thinking about how I could help my elderly parents at this late stage of their lives ( they are 88yr and 85 yrs.

    3: Visualizing the freedom that more money and success would bring into my life.

    Thanks for asking this question. Its been great to read the answers and I was amazed to see music coming up so often. Although I love music, I like to work in the quiet:-)

    All The Best Di
    Blog and Make Money

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  • Profile picture of the author Canei Group
    1. Association with positive like-minded people
    2. Books, audios
    3. Motion creates emotion. Working out and staying active will give you the energy to stay motivated. It's the whole mind, body, spirit connection that Deepak Chopra talks about....

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    1. Women
    2. Women
    3. Women


    "One Man's Ceiling is Another Man's Floor

    "I Pay Less Attention to What Men Say. I Just Watch What They Do."
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    • Profile picture of the author oboi2121
      Hello Omari Taylor here,

      1) Personal Development DVD's
      2) Watching MTV Cribs
      3) Thinking about where I will be in the near future from all the hard work I'm putting in now.

      Omari Taylor

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      • Profile picture of the author TKO
        Reading Autobiographies and inspirational stories


        Looking at photos of Family members that i hang above my monitor.

        Everything you ought to know about kids soccer can be found in this little community...

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    Originally Posted by tysglenn View Post


    What are your top three motivational methods that keep you going?
    E.g 1) listening to music
    2) Reading up motivational books
    3) a visual board
    this is very difficult to answer for me, in my case motivation comes "automatically" since i enjoy (MOST) of the work associated with IM, be it creating a web site, writing a WSO or programming.

    I dont see it as "work"...not in a sense like working for someone else as i did at my 7-4 job. Now i realize my own ideas, i program, write and design and i have joy every single minute doing it.

    In the morning i get up EAGER and happy to get to my PC and continue w/ this or that software project or WSO, tweak here and there, try to find bugs and try to polish projects 'til they are "ready for release".

    If i don't write software i design sites or put up blogs. It's almost like an obessesion

    So..i am motivated the second i get up in the morning, i dont need an external "push".
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    Volunteer work, Volunteer work, Volunteer work.

    It's amazing to help with animals at the local Humane Society chapter and see how some overcome such odds when totally abused by humans - as many people are - seriously.

    In a similar manner, helping with local prisoners in state facilities, it's amazing to see how people who have been abused themselves growing up and now have nearly nothing at all to show for their lives overcome adversity, learn what a good, positive life is truly all about and turn their lives around. Awesome.

    And interacting in super cyber places like this where so many come from so many different walks of life - many with nothing at all but elbow grease - reach out to make a living for themselves, their families, their neighborhoods - to make the world a better place. Totally awesome!
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    Gee, that's so nice of you dbarnum. My motivational methods are...
    1. Photo of my very special person
    2. Blog comments from my friends
    3. Last month checks
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    • Profile picture of the author Lemy Yusento
      1. My List of Achivements / Goals.
      2. Seeing my Family (Wife, Kid, Dad, Mom)
      3. Feel that I deserve what i want, as long as i do the right thing, and my contribution can help other, at least a little.
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    1) Music
    2) Exercise
    3) Thinking about my goal
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  • Profile picture of the author Ricky Martin
    1.Avoiding pain

    2. wanting pleasure

    3. Trying to remember 1 & 2.

    works every time.

    Thanks ricky

    " As we think......so we are"


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  • Profile picture of the author ss61288
    1) Talking to family
    2) Exercise
    3) Massive action

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  • Profile picture of the author STKING
    1. A good drink
    2. A small end goal
    3. Yoga
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  • 1. Passion
    2. Love
    3. Dream

    That's all
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  • Profile picture of the author RegalWeb
    It's very important for a person to have an inspiration. Here the top 3 things that keeps me going day in and day out.

    1. Family - They are the reason why we usually work. It's for us to provide them a financially stable life.

    2. Music - Music soothes the soul. Music usually keeps the body calm and relaxed.

    3. Money - Let's not be hard on this. Some denies the fact that what they're after is money. Looking for a huge income doesn't usually mean gluttony for material.

    There you go. Those are just some of the things that keeps me going.
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  • Profile picture of the author rcritchett
    Great Question, and great replies! Talk about learning! Mine are

    1. Building realities in my mind of the future. (and then living life to make them real)

    2. Chunking things down. Segmenting the "to do list." A list of 50, 20 minute actions is massively powerful and excites me so much because of the incredible results that can come from that.

    3. Being a student of greatness. I follow great people. I elicit belief systems, strategies, distinctions, and even phrases from people who just "know how to be great." Watching them effortlessly perform in the world, and learning their massive power fires my brain up.

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  • Profile picture of the author miavanru
    Top 3 Motivational Methods!
    1) Reviewing goals!
    2) Talking with my mentor, for sharing and sound advice
    3) Listening to music (Get`s me motivated!)

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  • Profile picture of the author windwhirl
    Here are my top three motivational methods:
    1. Looking at my visual board of what i see as 'the better life'
    2. Looking out at the window or roaming around and looking at the less privilege people
    3. Looking at my bank statements - the best motivation for short term financial goals
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  • Profile picture of the author thedrake
    1) know wat I want
    2) find a wayo to get it
    3) be organised and persistant
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