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Hey fellow warriors. I need your help. (There's something in this for you too) After working for fives years as a life coach/counselor, I've developed an approach for transformational leadership and personal empowerment that works really well. Problem is I did it at a company where I signed a non-compete and can't have contact with any of my past clients.

I've built a site which explains the approach Value Driven Transcendence
For anyone who provides an honest review to me by email at, I'll give you my Genius mastery series and two books I wrote on copywriting and persuasion (no opt in required). You can give these books away on your site or to your list, just don't sell them.

Just to be clear, I'm looking for honest reviews about the approach that I'll be using for promoting it. I'm not looking to bribe anyone to say good things, that's completely up to you.
The free books are my contribution for taking the time to check this out. I don't plan on adding any one to my list unless they request it, just send me the email review and I'll send a link to download the free ebooks.

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