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Twenty three years ago one man began an unusual
study of human beings.

He wanted to discover what made them tick,

but he especially wanted to discover what
made extremely successful people tick.

What, he ased is the difference between
someone who succeeds and someone who fails?

What really divides the rich from the poor?

And of those who do succeed, what is the difference
between those who are successful and truly happy and
those who are successful yet completely miserable?

His name is James Ray and he came up with some
shocking answers.

Here is part of his story in his own words.

"The more i studied extremely successful people,
the more i discovered how alike they are, and how
different from everybody else.

And as i began to notice and emulate these different
traits, habbits and beliefs i became much more
successful myself.

It began slowly at first but the more i practiced and
refined my new "system",the more successful i became
and the faster things went.

In fact i`m sitting in my beautiful beach front condo
on the Big Island of Hawaii as i write this, something
i wouldn`t have dared to even dream about before i
discovered and refined my "Science of Success".

Since then James Ray has been flown in to teach his
"system" to executives at IBM, Coca Cola, Merrill Lynch,
Subway, Sprint, AT+T, Verizon, Century21, RE/MAX,
Dow Chemical and Blue Cross/Blue Shield with stunning

You too can achieve true success.....

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    nice little read here!

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    Napolean Hill....
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    The Secret is in the sweat lodge and steroids.

    Okay... okay... bad joke. I just couldn't resist.

    Please forgive.
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    Thanks skegsy, great advice.

    Emulate the mindset of successful people, you become successful slowly but surely.

    Sweatshop incident aside James Ray has been wildly successful. He studied the best, adopted their mindset and was accordingly prospered.

    It seems that many are in a race to get ahead of the mediocre competition. Why not take the time to study the wildly successful and implement their creative approach?

    Ryan Biddulph
    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    Great Stuff - I too have made success a study and I write about it daily. This is right on!

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    I really don't believe in emulating the successful. The successful always used others as an inspiration, but never did they EMULATE others. Unique mindsets are the key to success. To be successful, you must think as they think, not act as they act.

    For example, following the action's of Warren Buffet will NOT make you the richest man in the world; however, using his ideology and strategies, may.

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    I enjoyed this reading. The difference between someone who succeeds and someone who fails is very interesting. I think a good mind set and good habits are the key to success. Thanks for sharing.
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  • Profile picture of the author Victoria Kelley
    James Ray may have studied humans but for what purpose in the end?

    Was it for his own desires that he did this, or was it truly to help others find their way?

    Is this the same James Ray that is now awaiting trial for manslaughter as of June 11, 2010 for his "Spiritual Warrior," retreat at Sedona, Arizona?

    I used to think once, that James had good ideas until I read how much he charged for that retreat and how much he was making off those poor people who died.

    James may have started off with good intentions but he lost his way somewhere in the mix of money and fame.

    All good ideas, thoughts and words at that point, go out the window no matter what James had done in the past. He had a responsibility and commitment to those he was "claiming" to help in Sedona.

    Above all I believe he shamed the ancient and beautiful Indian culture with his make shift tent of a sweat lodge. It takes years to be strong enough in mind and body to sit in a burning hot tent and do a vision quest. Any Native Indian who is a Shaman. Medicine man, Tribal Leader and teaches this to others, will agree too.

    James should have known better and he more than likely did. I do not feel the same way about speaking on a man that cost others their lives. This is in no way a reflection on anyone here either. Just my own personal thoughts on the subject.


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    very good sharing ^_^
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