Easy Trick To WSO Success!

by zenji
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Hi Warriors,

Today I just felt like sharing my success secret here with you.
Most of us here have bought a WSO at some point, then bought another one that seemed to reveal the "magic button"!
Well, I have done that once and I realised earlier on in the game that the trick to WSOs is:
  • Buy a WSO
  • Print it out - very important step
  • Turn off your computer or laptop and then start reading the WSO. Read the WSO 5 times before you attempt taking action. Use a highlighter to highlight important points that need attention during implementation stage.
  • Start implementing the guide within one week of purchase
  • Follow it through for one month. Do not try anything else during this period.
  • After one month you will definately see results if you TOOK ACTION
  • If its working, rinse the methods outlined and repeat them!
  • Once this is accomplished you can return to the WSO forum to spend what you earned from your first WSO
I will explain bullet point #2.
The reason, I urge you to print the WSO is because you will have time to study it without any distraction. I have experimented reading the pdf version online and reading the printed copy.
I found that reading the printed version was super easy and quick, got my mind thinking with various ideas.
On the other hand when I tried to read the WSO online, I kept clicking the links within the WSO and lost tract of where I was. I would literally fail to complete rading a WSO for a whole week using this approach. Am sure lots of you have faced a similar scenario - correct me if am wrong!

There you go - super easy strategy! I am confident that you will earn alot more from each WSO you buy and implement using my method.
All the best

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    Yes.. Definitely agree with you. There is just way too much information out there.. information overload and especially when reading a WSO.

    But, I guess you have to do whatever works for you. I have no problems reading the PDF versions and checking out the links then and there. Actually, I think that would save you some time as well. But, in the end like in everything you have to find what really works for you.
    The Warrior Forum
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    Originally Posted by zenji View Post

    Hi Warriors,

    I will explain bullet point #2.
    The reason, I urge you to print the WSO is because you will have time to study it without any distraction. I have experimented reading the pdf version online and reading the printed copy.

    You have hit the nail on its head, distraction is a major problem to tackle when reading online.

    Thanks for sharing this and it is really inspiring to go through you site too and read about your road to success.
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    Not exactly easy to print out a WSO that's actually a video course..
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    Now I know how to make my WSO boom !, Thanks Zenji
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    You have great points! Couldn't agree more with turning off computer or laptop and then start reading the WSO.
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    I think you should treat a WSO as reference material, and thus read it away from the computer or as I do in full screen mode on my PC. When in full screen mode nothing can interrupt my reading. I read with music listening to orchestra music, as it has always helped me focus.

    Why do I say reference material? Because that is what it is. Sometimes you can even take idea A from this guy's WSO and idea b from another persons and create the ultimate marketing strategy. Bottom line is that you just don't read them and then go "hmph... that had alot of really great information" and then close the window and go about your business.
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      I always read WSOs at my computer and use them as references. But I have a notebook and pen nearby to jot down and implement a suggestion that I can use right away or another gold nugget that I don't want to forget and the title of the WSO.
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    Although I haven't gotten a hold of any WSOs yet, I hope there are some that can be accessed from an Android phone! I like reading stuff on-the-go and I find it convenient to read off of my Droid. A lot better than carrying books around, right?

    Best Regards,
    vip-ip ...
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      I, personally, cannot sit and read a WSO without coming up with ideas along the way. If I am not at my computer to jot down those ideas, they will distract me from what I'm reading.

      Yes, I could always handwrite them onto a pad - you know, the old fashioned way - but then I'd just have to retype everything into a document because papers are always getting lost.

      Ok. So I'm not the most organized person in the world. Just yesterday, I discovered notes that I'd written from other material I was reading at the time. The date on those notes was November 2009.

      Besides, I rather prefer typed and printed material better than handwritten notes. So even if I were better organized, I'd still want to be at my computer making notes as I go.

      In fact, I frequently copy and paste snippets of info in the WSO product and put it into my Word document. Then, I have all the pertinent parts in one place, surrounded by my related notes.

      When I print out my own notes, I then have only the important stuff. Even so, I do often print out entire products and put them into their own file or into a 3-ring binder along with other similar product printouts. This helps me to create my own workbooks on different aspects of my business - affiliate marketing, internet marketing, JV searching, list building, etc. I then only have to go to those binders to find the best material.

      The benefit to printouts of WSOs is that you can highlight them and make notes in the margin which enables you to scan through just for the vital points you need.

      In response to your last line... I always read any products front to back in one sitting, unless it's a huge document. I do have a few that are over 200 pages. Those take a few days to complete.

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    You make a lot of sense with printing out and reading WSO. My biggest 'problem' is getting distracted and looking for more information rather than taking action. And there's great suggestions here on the forum. Learning more and more each day.

    Your suggestion will help me for sure. So much to do, so much to learn and so little time.
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    Excuse me, I am relatively a newbie and is not conversant with a lot of nerdy subjects yet. What is a WSO? You may send me a pm for this. Thanks.

    Joseph M. Dabon
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    thanks man for these tips!
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    Thanks for these great tips. Will definitely try to implement it the next time.
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    Its always better to print out long internet things and read them thats what I always do!
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    Printing and reading course materials helps a lot for me but the high cost of printer ink prevents me from doing just that sometimes. :-) not to mention the time needed to bring the papers to get them bind at the "closest" shop nearby.

    I have a lot of binded materials for IM courses but I had to throw a few of them which have turned outdated.

    For some people, they prefer reading or learning the materials online. But I don't fall into that category.

    Anyway thanks Dennis for sharing your tips. I agree that implementation and being focused are the keys to success.

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      No doubt these are great pieces of advice but for some ppl printing can be really costly if it's a 50 page eBook with some colorful grids, schemes, and whatnot... But it DOES make sense cuz you print 1 or 2 WSO you get and if you postpone the est stuff aside you won't be experiencing information overload cuz if you don't do that then there be another WSO or product or wateva that you decide to switch to and not finishing the 1st one.
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    Thanks to all of you - Great Info
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    Excellent suggestion Zenji, I wish I'd thought of that ..
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    I prefer printing them out and having some TLC with them away from the computer
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    Thanks for sharing !!! Awesome
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    Thanks for sharing. Some WSOs are worth printing out.
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    This type of attitude and comprehensive study-plan will serve you well in all facets of life. Good points made here.
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    That's great advice. Thanks. I've bought a couple of WSOs, and I finished any of them till date! Gotta do something about that.
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    it's true. sometimes getting off your computer makes you more focus since there are less distraction <-- the internet as a whole
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    Thank you for sharing your strategy.. It never comes in my mind to print a WSO, it would be awesome
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    Printing is very good as reading offline is better for some reason. There are less distractions and you are likely to read the stuff with patience.
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    Zenji, I'm gonna use your trick. I've been looking at all these beautiful bundles and I'm torn on what to choose. I will the print trick and really study the ones I really like.

    Thanks for sharing your trick.
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    thanks for sharing
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    From studying reading speeds, I know that reading off a piece of paper is faster then online but the amount of ink and paper needed makes me cringe
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    thanks guys for these tips
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    I hope that I won't get banned for this, but here is an item that needs to be placed after bullet point 3:


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    Hi Dennis, couldn't agree more on step 2. I print them, take them with me to my day job and read..read...read every chance i get. And centextkt.. thanks for my first laugh of the day.
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    I agree wholeheartedly with the points made. Point two is all about avoiding distraction though. for the people who can't "print it out" or are watching videos as part of the WSO, close the other windows. Don't minimize. CLOSE.

    Yes, okay, keep a blank document open to jot notes into, but otherwise. focus. A month is a decent amount of time to see some sort of results, and even if you are just getting a minimal amount of those, guess what? it's working. The more you keep at it the greater the results will be. ond of my streams involves making videos for youtube. Guess what? the more videos I make the more money I make. It's directly proportional to sustained effort and following the plan. (The "I know better" syndrome is a profit killer.) Follow instructions. again and again.

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    Printing the material is really working for me personally !
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    Thank you for sharing these tips for wso
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    So it seems that the trick is about focus. Focusing on the printed version away from the distraction of your computer. Focusing on it 5 times. Focusing on the parts you find the most helpful with a highlighter. And finally, this is probably the hardest suggestion of the bunch for many people, focusing on the changes for one solid month.

    Brilliant way to spell it out for all of us! I think I will print out your post and keep it for reference.
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    I notice that spelling or grammar errors in a document only become noticeable AFTER you have printed it on paper!! Yes, I am sure that somehow you focus better when reading paper print than from a computer screen. But making notes, and so forth is much easier at a computer, and 'cut and paste' important bits from a course to a document is so very much quicker and easier, and so the saved time and energy justifies using a computer rather than printed paper. I think the real problem is 'self control' and 'focus'. OK, if you really can't control and focus sufficiently that you need to resort to printed paper, then that, it seems, is best for you. But I'll stick to my PC and make a greater effort to focus, and keep focused, on the task in hand. But I accept that is not easy when a computer makes for easy diversions to anything that crosses your mind at any moment while you are reading the course notes!!
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    really nice and simple tips... will try it out
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    The only way to money! FOCUS< FOCUS< FOCUS!!!
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    • Profile picture of the author Daniel Evans
      Very wise words.

      With the obvious "take action and stick to it" moral aside, you touched upon something interesting - printing!

      It makes all the difference to hold something tangible in your hands. It makes a plan more "real" even if it's all going to be based purely online!

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    Focusing on one thing for an extended period of time will almost guarantee success! We are all so inherently talented that we can master anything if we decide to pursue it until we do.
    Great advice!

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    I already purchased one. It was not something that I could really print out. I think I'll wait a looong time before purchasing another.
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  • Profile picture of the author Mr Bill
    I'd add one more thing to do if you can.

    Record yourself reading it out aloud and save it as an MP3 so you can listen to yourself on your MP3 player.

    I use Audacity. I got so good at this I've actually started a business as an ebook narrater! Funny how things happen some time.

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  • Profile picture of the author Mark Kent
    Great advice!
    It's very important to focus on one thing and keep doing it until you begin to see
    the result you want. Once you have the system in place, you can always duplicate or
    scale it up.
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    Great tip to printout and read - that way you can really digest before acting

    Visit http://ebookamazement.com for all your e-book requirements

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    That is AWESOME advice!!! I have so many wso's it's ridiculous, and before you know it you don't have time to implement them all. I highly appreciate you sharing this advice.



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    thanks for the new method zenji
    be sure to focus on the one you have bought WSO
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