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One of my favorite quotes is about Attitude and it goes like this: Your Attitude is the Librarian of your Past, the Poet of the present, and the Custodian of the Future. How would you interpret this quote?

For me:

My attitude will ultimately determine my altitude. I'm Stronger today because of the books I told the Librarian to keep on the shelf due to negative thinking. My attitude today is a symphony of music and Poetry that is unpredictable, but elegant at the same time allowing me to see past my current circumstance. And the custodian of my future is cleaning up all the GUNK that is or trying to get in my way including friends, family, etc.

What is your interpretation?

Looking forward to hearing.. and reading
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    well librarian is an analogy i would prefer to use for the present, which would keep only those books brimming with optimism or positive energy and expectations, with out them there could not be a good attitude.
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    In simple words - "Your attitude reveals your past, makes your present and shapes your future."
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    The word "custodian" here doesn't refer to a janitor. It's the antiquated meaning of "one who leads the children to school." (We use it nowadays in phrases like "the custodian of the bank account," having to do with "custody.") The servant who took the children to school kept them in his/her "custody," guarding them, keeping them safe, and ultimately delivering them to a place of higher knowledge.
    Attitude leads us to "school" and higher knowledge in the future.
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    If you fail, blame your attitude. If you succeed, blame your attitude too.
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      Originally Posted by King Shiloh View Post

      If you fail, blame your attitude. If you succeed, blame your attitude too.
      Yes you are right. I satisfied with your opinion.
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    I would replace the term "attitude" with self image.

    Your brain creates an mental image of yourself using your life's past events, successes and failures and attaches a certain meaning to it. Everything you will or will not do depends on the mental image you have of yourself.

    Two people can experience the exact same event and attach two completely different meanings to it. Per example, imagine two business owners in the same kind of business. The both of them file for bankruptcy after a year. One decides to quit the business forever and go back to his previous job. The other one decides to open another business as soon as he gathers the funds for it.

    The first businessman probably decided that he was no good in business and his failure will leave a negative scar on his mental image that will be brought back to the surface every time someones brings up a potentially profitable business idea his way. The other guy, on the other hand, probably decided to attach another meaning to this event. He will take the failure as an experience that will serve him in his future endeavors...

    A lot of people have limiting beliefs because of the excessive meaning they've attached to past events. To reverse these limiting beliefs, you'll have to identify past traumatic events and turn the meaning attached to it around...

    So to me, your mental image of yourself is what truly dictates your present and future actions and will ultimately affect your attitude...
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    I agree with ucajack. Everything happens in the now so it's best to focus on your attitude and how it affects your now.

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