How To Become An Authority In Your Niche

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First off, why is it important to become an authority in your niche?

It’s simple. With authority you will become a leader in your niche. When prospects want answers they will first turn to a leader because leaders are expected to have all the answers. It is proving that you are a leader that earns you the respect of your followers and prospects. Respect equals money.

Any good leader will tell you that to earn the business of their followers those followers must first respect them. The only way to earn the respect of followers or prospects in your niche is to prove that you have a right to be one of the forerunners in that niche. As a fore runner people will expect that any information, product or service that comes through you will be of the highest quality in terms of value and presentation. If you exude authority you win. So, how can you become an authority in any niche?

Here are some proven ways…

1) Mix With Authority. The easiest strategy is to mix with existing authority. People will assume that you are worthy of their time and money if existing authority considers you worthy of their recommendations. Oil and water don’t mix. So if you can mix with authority people will automatically label you an authority yourself. The million selling book “Think And Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill was created as a direct influence from time spent with the multi-millionaire industrialist Andrew Carnegie. Carnegie was so impressed with Hill during an interview that Hill conducted with him, that he suggested the former should put together his findings from interviews with over 500 other successful and wealthy men and women. The results of those findings were published as Hill’s best selling book. The success of the book came from Hill’s interactions with existing authorities in their fields.

2) Do Your Research & Share What You Discover. Napoleon Hill published one of the best selling books of all time by conducting interviews with respected individuals. In a way, you can say he piggy-backed on their successes by sharing his findings with prospects who didn’t have the same opportunity as he had to research and interact with these industry leaders.

3) Get Recommendations. It is claimed that the first 5,000 copies of Hill’s best selling book were sold strictly by word of mouth. That simply proves that recommendations are very powerful. No doubt, some of the people he interviewed would have happily recommended the book to their own friends and followers. From there, due to the book’s actual quality, others recommended it to their friends and followers and so on. If you can get yourself recommended by people in your niche, others will take notice.

4) Deliver Quality. One thing that Hill relied on was the success of others. Another was on the quality of his own handiwork. If Hill had mixed with all those people and still had nothing positive to show for it, no one would have taken him seriously. Most people will interact with big names and authority figures just to have their pictures taken with them, or get an autograph or some other flimsy results. Instead, when you mix with authority, you should come back with concrete evidence that that authority has rubbed off on you.

5) Don’t Be Anonymous. Most Internet marketers I have coached over the years have all made one thing clear… They are “camera shy”. These people find it hard to promote themselves, blow their own horns, and literally be in the lime light. The fact is if you want to become an authority, you can’t afford to be shy. If you have any reasons to keep your real name out of the public eye, do what millions of successful writers, business owners and entertainers have done… Use a pseudonym. You get to stay out of the spotlight and still enjoy the benefit of being identifiable with quality.

Frankly, few people will readily do business with a “No Name”. So, if you’re shy, pick a DBA (Doing Business As) name or a pseudonym.

6) Invest In Your Future. What many people don’t realize about Internet marketing is that it is really a business venture like any other in the offline world that requires direct investments of money, time and resources. For some unfathomable reason people come online to make money and expect that they can do so without investing ANYTHING… ridiculous right? Don’t judge… You probably fall in the same category, I know I once did. Just get online and use a bunch of freebies to make a bunch of money, right? Wrong.

Nothing in life or business is ever really totally free. If you don’t pay upfront cash, you’ll pay in some other way… with your time or energy or whatever else. So, get that freebie-to-riches thinking out of your head (if you have it).

The only way to become an authority is to realize you MUST invest in your business and actually go ahead and invest in hefty amounts. If you have the cash, spend money. If you have no cash, use what you do have. Create freebies that will be shared virally for you (free advertising that really isn’t free because you have to spend time and/or money to create something so great people will want to share it). Nothing is free. It can just cost less.

If you spend what you must now, then, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 years from now you will be able to reap the rewards in massive amounts. 10 years earlier I released several products with “give away rights”. Today, over 250,000,000+ pages carry my infoproducts! Yes, that’s not a typo… My products can be found on over a quarter of a BILLION web pages. If that’s not something worth investing in to reap great rewards… NOTHING IS.

7) Be As Good As The Best. If you want to be taken seriously in any sphere of life, you have to do one thing and do it well… Rank with the best. You see, there is this notion that when you market online, you’re in a virtual world where anything goes… Just post it up and people will fall in love with it. While some may get away with that for a while, it doesn’t ever last or work for everyone. People who come online are the same quality-seeking people who live offline. They want the best. They can settle for less if they don’t yet know any better. But trust me; the second someone else comes along with a better version of the same thing, they’ll drop the first one like hot charcoal. Internet users are fickle. They have no loyalty. It’s just a fact.

If you give them a reason to betray you, they will do so with a smile and a click. You just have to get this one factor right... Only the best will do. Nothing else matters, period.
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