What is the "true" freedom?

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Is there really such thing?

So many young folks these from my generation like to spout the phrase "Be yourself and live life to the FULLEST!"

Yet, how can one "live life to the fullest" if the definition of freedom is vague?

Without understanding what real freedom is, we tend to based on our decision on our senses, physiological pleasures, and materialism from a narcissistic mindset.

In a culture that's promotes competition and consumerism, how can we be certain that our unconscious decision, habits, and behaviors are truly free?

However, true freedom to me is self-discipline. The ability to do things even if you do not feel like it for the greater long-term reward. It's the skills to delay impulse, be persistence, and not be influence by society's expectation.

I think unless we start questioning our reality and examining our deeper purpose, such vague message of "Do it now! Live life to the fullest" is superficial at best.

Some engage in risky (and even dangerous) behavior in the name of living life to fullest. Yet, they think such "individualism" means liberation and freedom. That is, would you be open-minded and living life to the fullest to try all the hardcore drugs?

It wasn't until I studied all these marketing, persuasion, and strategic influence, that relates to my business...that I realize, we're only as free to the extend tha we think we are, right?

We're all categorized into a market demographics with a potential for profits.

We either move towards pleasure or avoid pain.

As long we have the physiological needs to survive - i.e. eating - companies will try to sell us food to eat (i.e. fast food, restaurants, coupons, etc).

As long as we have emotional needs (friendship, relationship, etc), companies will market those psychological needs to us (i.e. better body, self-esteem course, dating products, etc).

As long as have security/family needs, companies will try to market products to improve our jobs, businesses, shelters/cars, and productivity in society.

And even as we climb up the Maslow's Hierarchy, there are even "spiritual" products out there selling to us. Like, paying $10K to raise your consciousness and spirituality?

Yet, is that true freedom?

Or, are we only free to the extend that we think we are? Living the matrix and reality only being a persistent illusion?
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      Freedom is the capability to do anything you want, other than hurting others. It's quite an abstract term, but it can be usually solved with common sense.

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    Originally Posted by excoder01 View Post

    Is there really such thing?
    True freedom in the most simple sense of the word? No, I don't think it truly exists because there's always going to be some*one* or some*thing* that we will need to answer to whether or not we like that idea.

    If you mean financial freedom... nope, I don't think that exists either. It's a lovely thought, but....

    And living life to its fullest? How can anyone know what its "fullest" really is? Isn't there always just "a little more" right outside our reach? (And I see that as a very GOOD thing.)
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    To me True Freedom is to live an independent life, one which does not harm you in anyway i.e. physically, spiritually, emotionally, socially, financially, and psychologically. This kind of life is one that you enjoy and as you enjoy it, no one else should be affected negatively.
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      Well freedom for me is being free of all the hatred, anger and prejudices inside of me. Acting out of love rather than compulsion, revenge and anger would be my idea of freedom.
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    To me, living life to the fullest means just one thing... say today, if i look back in time, i shouldnt say, "god i wish i did that, that time.."

    Ya i know there's always something that we wish we could have done, but i mean the BIG things, like for e.g. I have a biiiiiiiiiiig regret that I didnt go for the "Science" stream after my high school, so when i think back, i have a big big big frown on ma face!

    Anyway, so what i am saying is living to the fullest means not having (huge) regrets, like for e.g. regarding the major decisions in life.

    Warm Regards,
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  • True freedom is priceless, If you have even a little bit you should spend at least some of your time promoting it for others who do not have it.

    When you found us, that is what we were, when you are long gone, we will still be.

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    freedom should be that each feel free in doing any thing he wants but must not hurt or harm himself and others, not to cause pain or suffering to any creature and environment directly or indirectly.
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      Janis Joplin said it best,

      "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose."

      I think you could read into that to not let possessions rule
      your life. We can do with less.


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    I love it when i see that others are thinking and questioning things such as this it makes me happy.
    However i feel that many of the responses of this post are narrow minded to say the least...

    I remember when i first came to the same realization you are at now. And i arrived to it in a similar manner (through the experience of marketing, and through research of mind control, propaganda and hypnosis).

    However I absolutely believe that we can be "truly" free, though we have been trained to believe otherwise.
    Though this freedom is not in the wild party (or do nothing) all day perception that many people seem to carry nowadays, that is just another form of imprisonment.

    And living life to the fullest does not mean having the ability to do EVERYTHING with your physical body, but more the ability to live, feel, and be aware in every moment. To fully appreciate everything life has to offer. Titles and the perceptions of others are completely irrelevant to any type of freedom, if anything letting these things over rule your inner feelings is even more limiting.

    So any way I do not wish to make my reply too long. but i would agree with your view on freedom as far as it being

    "self-discipline. The ability to do things even if you do not feel like it for the greater long-term reward. It's the skills to delay impulse, be persistence, and not be influence by society's expectation."

    I would also add to be in control of your emotions, and not let fear control you. Which brings me to another post i liked

    ucajack wrote:
    "Well freedom for me is being free of all the hatred, anger and prejudices inside of me. Acting out of love rather than compulsion, revenge and anger would be my idea of freedom."
    im sure ucajack meant "wouldn't" at the end

    I also felt paulgl was on a good track when he said "we can do with less" but would change that just a little to we can do more with less. From my observations possessions do little good in most cases and often only bog us down.

    But anyway freedom is almost completely in the mind, and i think i would define it as the ability to CLEARLY CHOOSE anything with a CLEAR MIND.
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    mm yes you are right..that is true freedom..meet again.

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