Why Top List Marketers Get All The Women (or Men)!

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It's a proven fact that if you can make a lot of money promoting products and services online, fairly quickly, with little up front expense, you will be considered one of the top Internet marketers of our time.

The reason is, people know just how hard it is to find prospects with money who are eager to spend that money on products and services they hear about.

So, anyone who can snap his fingers and make a lot of people "jump to it" will earn the adoration (and envy) of millions of people. That's why any Top List Marketer gets all the attention, all the big "friendships", a good share of the money floating around online, and lots of women (or men) hanging around him or her. The secret to their success is really that they have become highly influential.

Influential people have the compelling force to produce effects on the opinions and actions of people they come in contact with. As a list marketer, your greatest power is not how big your list is (though that also helps) your greatest power is how much influence you have on your list. So, here's how to become an influential (Top) list marketer in 30 days or less...

Step 1: Start building your list for Pete's sake! You will be surprised how many people try to make a lot of money as Internet direct marketers without ever starting their own in-house prospects list. I have been guilty of this too in times past and I can tell you, it is no walk in the park when I have no list to promote my products and services to whenever I have them available.

Step 2: Earn The Respect Of Your Contacts. I can not tell you how many MILLIONS of direct marketers have tried (and still try) to make tons of money from lists of names they have acquired without ever having FIRST tried to earn the respect of the people on those lists. Don't look over your shoulder; you've probably done the same thing too at some point. That's because it's easy to just send a message to a group of people and hope to God that some of those people will be eager enough on their own to just buy. That's not list marketing however, that's called gambling and its place is in Las Vegas or Atlantic City If you want to become an influential list marketer, however, you have to earn it.

Here's the bottom line...

The top list marketers will continue to be the ONLY ones getting all the attention, money, and friendships because no one likes to hang out with wannabes and loser-types. It's just the way of the world. Get with the program and start building your own influential status, right away.
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