Have you been in any of Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad Education? Robert Kiyosaki

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Hello Warrior,

I was wondering if any of you has been in any of Rich Dad Education workshop, if you have can you please share your experience?

Thank you,
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    The 2-hour free sales pitch seminar or the paid weekend ones?
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    the paid workshop! I an interested on the stock market one!
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      Well, about three years ago, I signed up for Rich Dad coaching. Although real estate sounded interesting, I opted instead for starting a business. The way it worked was that I would be assigned to an experienced coach who would call me once a week with guidance and answers to my questions.

      Although some of that advice was good, I didn't think any of it was worth the thousand or so dollars I paid. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't.

      I also ordered the game and played it numerous times with interested people. These people came from a variety of different backgrounds in real estate, for example, but none of them, including myself, made much headway. Only about 1% actually did deals and got somewhere, but for most of us, it was pointless recreation.

      Nowadays, I would gladly recommend some of the books (don't buy them, borrow them from a library that has copies), but not the programs.

      BUYER BEWARE!!!!
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    Thank you for your feedback. I was looking to do a workshop on the stock market, because I wanted to add another income stream to my online business.

    Thank again,
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    Robert K. is a fraud. Here, this is a good read.

    buying bulk warm seo leads (PM me)

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    I bought an online seminar from his website. it was pretty affordable (10$) and I can view it as much times I want. interesting issues there about finance and companies to do business with in the US.
    I dunno about his actual courses on Real estate & Stocks.
    Either way, courses can just give you info which you implement to your own experience and you move on from there.

    I wouldn't call Kioysaki a fraud tough...even if he was making money only from his Rich dad books that is still a massive enterprise. Royalty checks are quite a cool passive income the way I see it...
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    Thanks eduardo, I do agree with you, I just wanted to have more feedback from others.

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    yes, the book is recommended but not the workshop to expensive!
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