Karma bites. literally. Attack of the spiders.. Even if they aren't people.... like spiders....

by xInd
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So I was in the middle of editing the title, my son asked me for help with Reader Rabbit Math Journey's grade 1 stuff (he starts kindergarten soon) then I came back, was like hmmm where was I? looks done to me... Post. Oh crap, that title makes NO SENSE, and I can't edit it!

Here's a perfect example of the universal law of what goes around comes around. And why would the universe restrict this to humans? Or to mammals?

If you read my latest blog post:

You'll see what the spiders did to me....

What I didn't blog about...
Was the night before.... (or was it the night before that..?)


So I was drinking some cider, and along came a spider, so I poured him a drink to make him wiser. When he tried to refuse, peer pressure ensued, the spider was a victim of abuse. He swam his way out, he knew he would without doubt, when spider was there he met again with despair. Crawling sideways and upside down, at that angle not sure it was a smile or a frown, a few more seconds and he would have drown. No spiders were killed but I'm sure he was injured, beware the arachnids and their eight legged bingers....
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