What Are The Moments When You Feel Most Lucky To Work Online?

by Ruth P
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I was just wondering about the moments where you suddenly realise how lucky you are to do what you do? Whether you work online full time or are just supplementing your regular job at this stage.

For me, it's on a sunny day. I decide to go for a walk, at whatever time in the day, and I'm so grateful I can be outside when so many more people are stuck behind their desk in the office.

That feeling really inspires me.

(Of course there are many more examples, but I really find that the lucky feeling really does hit me when I'm taking a walk like that).
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    I'm especially grateful to be working from home when there's a sudden spate of bad weather that hits, which could be tornadoes, snow/ice storms or thunderstorms here. I love the fact that I'm able to continue on with business as usual and not have any concerns about inclement weather at all!
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    Very good points! When I think of all the people who commute hours, makes me so happy I stay at home

    And yeah, here in the UK the weather isn't always as extreme as other places, but we had such a bad winter and thankfully my business could go on as usual.
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      I made my very first sale online ($9 straight to PayPal) and I got 2 subscribers from my very first squeeze page.

      I guess I'll mark September 3rd.

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    My Dad still does not understand how I can make money online. It totally baffles him. I think it is soooo cool that you can wake up to paypal cash or an affiliate sale.

    I get excited when I realize that I have the choice to be able to make money another way other than the traditional 9-5.
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    Nothing beats being your own boss
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    When my family needs me and I can just log off and be there. No more having to ask my boss for time off or fake calling in sick or providing notes or explanations to anyone.
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    Everything is better about being able to work from home, online and for yourself.

    - No Boss
    - The future is in your hands (kind of exhilarating feeling)
    - Spending more time at my home (rather than paying for a house I'm never in)
    - My hours can be whatever I want
    - The amount of money I make is not decided by some big wig in an office. What I make depends on how and what I want to work on for the week. (very cool)
    - Seeing the rush traffic that everyone else deals with...
    - See how beat everyone else is after a long hard week...
    - pretty much everything about working for yourself and online is better than having a JOB!
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    Haha when I'm actually seeing money in my paypal account. It can be a blessing to work online but there are also a lot of stresses.
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    I feel most lucky when I see friends I used to work with going off to work their night shifts,god those shifts used to suck!
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    Realizing that I get to see my beautiful boys grow up every step of the way Being home with them is amazing and I am so grateful IM allows that to happen.
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    Nice to see the thread resurrected

    I want to add something else now - I feel lucky that I'm doing something I can take anywhere. I'm planning to go travelling and it makes it so much easier knowing I'll have a source of income while I'm away (if I need it)
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