Self-Improvement and the Road to Success the right way.

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Each and every thing that happens to us happens for a purpose. It is said the experience - good and bad - is the best teacher. It's the best tool to help you grow, improve yourself and become successful. So don't simply lock yourself up or keep yourself from the world because of failures, headaches and embarrassments. These experiences are the best and most valuable teachers you could ever have.
Remember that Robin Williams' movie, Patch Adams? It's a movie with a great message, one that you can learn from if you want to improve yourself. The movie is about a medical student, Hunter "Patch" Adams, who didn't pass the medical board exams. He suffered for months; he became depressed and eventually became suicidal. He checked himself voluntarily into a psychiatric ward. There he stayed for several months and met many people - sick ones: catatonic, schizophrenic, mentally retarded.
Patch found a way to treat his ailment and in the process, he realized he needed to get himself back on track. One morning, he woke up and realized that he still wanted to become a doctor. That's when his outlook started to change. He became positive, and in the process, he improved himself and became success. Not only did he improve himself, however; he also helped improve the lives of those around him. There's no question about his success. He became one of the best doctors in this country.
Patch Adams' life is one good example of how self-improvement is synonymous with success. Here's how you can be like Patch Adams:
*If you harbor thoughts that you're a failure, stop doing that starting right now. You are not a failure. Accept yourself and others will too.
*Stop becoming envious of the hunky and sexy models you see on TV and on billboards. Beauty isn't just about great abs or long, slender legs. Instead of worrying about how you look on the outside, work on the inside first. Learn self-acceptance and then you'll be able to work on the rest.
*It is said that the best way you can help yourself is if you help other people. Help those who are down about themselves; be the wall they can lean on to. Don't be pulled down by others when you see them being down on themselves. Be the one to cheer others.
*If you make mistakes, treat those as opportunities to learn. It won't help to feel stupid, berate yourself or feel that you're doomed when you make mistakes. Think of it this way: if you don't make mistakes, how are you going to improve? Mistakes are a part of life. Accept your mistakes, learn from them and then move on.

Best Regards,

Lavell Foster
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    Thank you that was inspiring

    Ní hé lá na gaoithe lá na scolb - The windy day is not the day for thatching.

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    I completely agree with you. Life is all about live, love, learn and laugh along the ways.
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      Thank You Lavell for your lovely post.

      Self-Improvement and Spiritual Development have to be the focus on a daily basis until one has actually arrived at Self-Transformation and Peak Enlightenment, just the same as health has to be a daily responsibility. So why don't people do this?

      The answer is that sub-conscious baggage blocks these processes and disciplines.

      When Self-Love, Self-respect, Self-trust, Fear, guilt, shame and Self-sabotage imprints are present in the sub-conscious mind, then people will not take responsibility for themselves.

      There are two aspects that are required for the solution:-

      1. Gaining the best of very specific knowledge and understanding and having a Spiritual Coach/Master/ teacher who is living in authentic Enlightenment can short cut that journey enormously in terms of time and reducing the information to the key few references that are going to give the fastest and best results


      2. The practical aspects whereby all sub-conscious imprints are identified and then removed with the simple co-operation of the individual.

      I now know that what has taken 30 years to acquire and develop through experiential research and study in both the knowledge and practical sides, can now be simplified into an easy program that can be completed in 2+ months depending on the individual being helped. 30 years to 2+ months is a massive condensation of the vital elements. Who would choose 30 years when it can now be achieved in 2+ months? The key principles have in reality, been found to be few and very simple.

      It is a really important principle that the Spiritual Master/Teacher MUST already be living what the student wants to become. One can't help someone to attain peak spiritual levels unless one is already Living at these lofty spiritual levels oneself first.

      So the Spiritual Master/Teacher must be living at Peak Enlightenment and be totally free of any imprints to help anyone else have the same. It is the principle of "One can only give away what is inside Self ".

      We require so many men and women to be teaching this work to fulfill the massive requirements of the community. Welcome to the world of Spiritual Freedom, Self-Discovery, Self-Transformation, Spiritual Compatibility in relationships and Spiritual Oneness.
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    "It is a really important principle that the Spiritual Master/Teacher MUST already be living what the student wants to become. One can't help someone to attain peak spiritual levels unless one is already Living at these lofty spiritual levels oneself first."
    Student asks the Master: What must I do to obtain enlightenment?
    Master: Cut the wood and haul the water.
    Student: And what do I do once I have achieved enlightenment?
    Master: Cut the wood and haul the water.
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      Lavell, there are couple of points in your excellent post that are worth highlighting and clarifying.

      1. You stated: "*It is said that the best way you can help yourself is if you help other people."

      While serving others has to be the key ingredient of any genuine and real Life Purpose, it is very important to fully appreciate that one has to help oneself and BECOME oneself BEFORE You can help others. This theme is everywhere , e.g. Universities where people learn skills so to be able to help others. To try to help others before oneself is to be a pleaser, which is insecurity and not where anyone should be.

      2. In relation to your last asterisk point re mistakes, yes the whole idea is to learn from mistakes as a mistake is a learning experience of how NOT to do the same thing again.

      However, having said that, the best way of avoiding mistakes is to go to a mentor who is already doing what You want to achieve and be doing yourself. This way you don't have to repeat most of the same mistakes that others have had to endure and experience to get You to where You want to be fast and painlessly. This is just intelligence. This leap frogs you over so many mistakes and wasted time and resources that you could otherwise experience.

      Also, and by the way, I really enjoyed seeing your title of "TransFormation". That is a statement of someone who knows who one wants to be as soon as possible. On the basis of leap frogging as above to get You to where You want to be fast, if You are willing to learn, grow and change AND You are open to having LifeTransformation at Peak Enlightenment and Spiritual Mastery in 2+ months, then feel free to contact me privately via the website below or email via this Forum.

      The world requires so many others like You to help the vast majority of people overcome their massive internal pain and suffering so that they too can enjoy the fruits of Spiritual Freedom, massive Love and Peak Enlightenment. We just have to have You operating at the Peak levels first.

      To "The16yearold" (young) above, it is very heartening to see You inspired by Lavell's comments, so You have the opportunity of going places fast.

      When we have all Warriors who visit this "Success, Power, Self-Improvement" section, operating with total Spiritual Freedom, we will be well on our way to making a huge difference to so many people's lives.
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    Good post.
    More Than Meets The Eye.
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    Excellent post, indeed. Practice going to sleep with positive thoughts, you will wake up next morning full of optimism and encouraging thoughts. It is all in our mind. Moreover, the change must begin from us.
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    I guess so?
    If you feel better about yourself then you can be more confident to face the odds and can stand against any difficulties.
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    Great tips there.
    I actually watched the movie some time ago, but didn't quite remember it (well, I don't actually remember most of the movies I saw).

    You have a good point there. I think that if you actually believe that you will be successful and you stop envying the others richness or beauty you will certainly improve yourself as a person.
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    I completely agree. It is so important to like yourself...and forgive yourself.
    Thanks for sharing..
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    That was very inspirational! People worry too much about the little things in life, what they look like, viewing themselves in a negative light, being pessimistic. There is much more to life than that! And if there is something in your life that bothers you or something you wish to change, very simply, CHANGE IT! Only YOU dictate your life and it's outcome!

    Megan Elizabeth
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