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Picture This

...You have all the food in the world. You'd never go hungry.

...You reach the peak of your physical development. You couldn't be happier with the way your body looks.

...You own a HUGE house/apartment/castle

...You own the all the cars you want. Ferraris, Lambos, Audis,

...You are a successful business person. You own a billion dollar company.

...You have many sexual partners to choose from

...You own the finest clothing in the world

...You have all the love in the world. Friends, family and a partner

...You achieve Zen. Your spiritual side is fulfilled

... You have all the money in the world

...You reach all your goals, and achieve your life passions.....





Now picture yourself living this lifestyle.

You had a passion, and you fulfilled it.
You had goals, and you achieved it.
You wanted a good body, and you have it.
You wanted wealth, and you earned it.
You wanted women, and you got a harem.
You have the best palace in the world.
You wear the best clothes in the world.
You are never hungry. You have the best and finest quality food in the world.

You control the lives of millions of people because of who you are and what you do.

You went so high in the ladder of success there is no where to go.

Now what? Your still alive. What is your purpose now? What should you be doing? Why are you alive?

Some people say focus on the end point. Okay you did that and you got all your goals.

Some people say focus on the journey, its the journey that counts. Okay, you achieved everything and you enjoyed every step of it.

Now what?

Look. Look around you.

Everyone is trying to get somewhere.
Everyone is trying so god damn hard to achieve something.

People take "breaks" and "holidays" to rest so the next day they can get back to work. So they can achieve success and then feel even more happier.

Yes. You need to strive and work so you can feel happy.
You are not happy right now.
You need money to be happy.
You need goals to be happy.
You need women to be happy.

Every human has the mentality of GAINING for some paradoxical purpose.

Will Jesus pat me on the back once I die?
Is there even such a thing as heaven?

With all these questions still not answered,



Why do it?
Why pretend!?

Only this way can you truly set yourself free.

Its only after you've lost everything that your free to do anything

If you're going to turn this topic into a heated debate, then don't bother replying.

Make a constructive reply.

It will help each and every one of you.

You will hopefully find out WHY to live.
WHY to have a purpose.

You will find out why.

You will find out this elusive "truth."

- This was not written by me. But it helped me realize the truth of reality... I will disclose when his websites finished for you that are interested.

Now answer it. And DON'T turn this into an angry heated debate.
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    If you could acheive those things, you are a goal oriented machine - you would never run out of goals.

    Many people turn to charitable goals once they have got the physical things they want.
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      WHY WHY WHY.....

      Well the answer to the above is possibly related to .....Love!
      People love to do things, be it sexual - professional - creative - helpful.

      People aspire to be (you name it) because of the feeling you get once it is achieved. Love is the motivation that everyone needs in life, be it creating something or maybe helping someone out just because you can.

      Drawing the distinction between the right and wrong of an action is the problem for some though. The feeling of love can be different in each of us, that feeling of delight does not draw a distinction of the good and bad of a deed.

      Even the bad guys once caught and asked "WHY" will say "because I love it" or "it feels good".

      On balance just be thankful the good guys out number the bad ones in life, if it was the other way around there would be no point in being left in the race.

      Everyone gets the chance to tip the balance on a daily basis without having to try too hard .

      Always looking for the "Magic Button", it's not that there isn't one but just how many you need to push and in what order :-)

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      Originally Posted by jasdon View Post

      If you could acheive those things, you are a goal oriented machine - you would never run out of goals.

      Many people turn to charitable goals once they have got the physical things they want.
      Well said! The finest goal of any human is to serve other humans to lift them out of hunger, misery, and poverty, for example. The greatest aim is to lift people out of their ignorance to give them hope and remove their ignorance. There is nothing more noble than serving others. There is nothing greater than bringing light to other's lives.
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        Well, if you achieved zen/enlightenment you probably really wouldn't care about all the material stuff anymore and a good chance you would leave it all just to sit and meditate somewhere. The world wouldn't interest you much anymore because it's just a silly dream.
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    This basically sums life up. There's no point in anything. We're all going to die one day. One day no-one will remember we even existed.

    I don't mean this in a bleak way, I just want to put things into context.

    None of our worries or goals or aims or anything matters. All that matters is that we be happy. Far too many people set goals for their own sake and work towards them, forgetting that these goals should be set in order to increase their overall happiness.

    As the only point in being alive is to live, we should try and live and be as happy as possible.

    I earn money because being poor prevents me from doing the things I love. I don't want money so that my bank manager wants to have sex with me (although that would be nice, she's slamming). I don't want money so that I can buy a 10 foot plasma TV. I just want to do what I love without stressing!
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    We keep things positive here, Dean. We can even discuss religion sensibly. So, whatever you bring from another forum (and that kind of posting) leave it at the door.

    That said, welcome back. Looks like you've got a lot to share with people, and that's cool.
    "Each problem has hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. The greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem and turned it into an opportunity."―Joseph Sugarman
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      Being happy is everything.

      You try to do things that make you happy by giving you the things you know that you would be happy to have and use. All of that leads to greater happiness and a satisfying life.

      Doesn't really matter if anyone knows it or not.

      Only you know what makes you happy. Only you know, deep down, what you must do to gain that happiness.

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    Integrity, pure and simple.
    The fact is, even the people you think don't have "integrity" DO have it.
    Integrity simply means the ONE WHOLE person that you are: If you're a thief, that doesn't mean you don't have integrity. Your Integrity is partly being a thief. If you then lie about it--sure, you're a putz! But clearly lying is part of Who You Are. Part of your Character.
    If your Integrity is true, then no amount of "success" will ever be enough to make you quit striving for betterment (for yourself and others). By the same token, no amount of "success" will be longed for, since you will be living it every moment of your life of Integrity.
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    Since a lot of you are already "fulfilled" in your lives, I think you missed the point.

    This discussion was actually taken out of context from a much deeper discussion about power structures and agendas. But that's beyond the scope of this post.

    Anyway, what annoys me most about the age we live in today is that we are taught that we NEED to have goals, money, and things just to be happy.

    Some people say, "well you can't appreciate the good without the bad", and thats true. But why do most people NEED stuff to be happy?

    Can you be happy without the hot body, money, flashy house and cars?

    Lets take a look at an example:

    Your a weak, high nasally voiced nerd, theres a girl you like, and theres a jock jocking her.

    What do you do? Do you sit back, be unhappy about? Or do you hit the gym in HOPES of winning her over?

    Wouldn't you feel UNAHPPY with your situation, and compelled to do something to make you stand above a meatheaded jock in her eyes?

    Just look at how you are raised from about 5 - 18 years of age. You go to school, get trained to follow instructions, then go on to get jobs. That's the whole point of the entire time you go to school.

    Sure, you have some friendships along the way but thats still 5 days a week, 8 hours a day just sitting there thinking about how you're going to use these skills to get a job.

    This is to help you think about your lifes true passions

    By the way Zig Zag, my intent is not to be negative, just thought provoking. I'm also not the Dean Jackson everyone seems to know!

    - Dean
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    Yes, to say we "need" goals, I believe, is what misses the point.
    We "need" goals and ambition as the natural drive from our inner vision. That is, if we are not pursuing a path toward greater manifestation of our vision and Integrity (Who I Am), then we would be miserable. "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation." It is only through the pursuit of the Actualization of our Aunthentic selves that we find peace and joy. So in that sense, yes, we "need" those goals. But it would more correct to say we don't "need" the goals; we need to pursue the course down which our goals lead us.
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