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I like to think i'm a pretty smart person but i cant figure out how to make money online for the life of me, ive bought the methods and etc they all seem great but nothing ever comes out of them for me?

I've put up pages with offers, no one visits or clicks

ive joined forums that promise money making methods

ive read e book upon ebook upon ebook

ive bought domain names in hopes of flipping them

I just think about all the dollars ive wasted and it pisses me off a bit because that money went to someone who actually IS doing exactly what i'm trying to do!

my point is, I havent made one red cent online.

With that being said I'd appreciate any ideas you guys can throw my way, and sorry for the pity party
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    Find one good method, for example I would recommend "CPA Instruments" (no affiliate link ;-) Because the teacher is smart and he's real and his system works.
    Whatever program as long as it's legit. The point is, STICK TO IT, work it, test it, STOP LOOKING for other solutions. How many of us get addicted to the high of finding a new method, go over it all, but never taking action before moving on to the next "HIGH".

    Work one good system until it pays and don't move away from it.
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    All the success experts say persistance, vision and activity is the key.

    The marketers who aren't trying to sell you something say testing, innovation
    and revision is the way.

    And of course, there is "conceive, believe and achieve" from "Think and Grow Rich".

    In the end, if you want it bad enough, you will find a way. Successful people
    are reported to say that success is just the other side of failure, but you must push past failure to succeed.

    I know this sounds corny, but ask any successful person on this forum and they will most likely say the same thing in other words.

    "The Magic Story" has resurfaced again, I think it was an email from Mike Filsame
    that I received this week. You might find it interesting as well as "Acres of Diamonds". They are public domain and readily available on the net.

    I know where you are coming from, and it is so much easier to look for another way than to keep doing what doesn't seem to work. Just remember most over night successes are 10 to 20 years in the making. We all have to pay or dues in some way.

    Good Luck and hang in there
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    be patient my brother ...

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    Pick one thing and stick to it. Start with something very, very simple. Focus on doing one thing, and stay with it everyday.

    I'd suggest something like article marketing(Bum Marketing), there should be plenty of free information out there for you to use. But mainly it's just about diving into something and staying on target even when it's difficult or you get discouraged.

    Good luck!

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    The problem is that you can know a lot about what works in theory, but it does unfortunately take time and experience to eventually understand exactly what works for you. Everyone is different, and although there are many step by step guides out there, we all need to create our own path. It's taken me a long time to realise that.

    I do agree that you should choose a method and stick to it. Unfortunately the authors of many guides do make out that we'll start seeing money FAST (because that's what we want to hear), but in the majority of cases it will take time.

    You may even find that the pages you've put out there start earning randomly a few months down the line. Sometimes things just happen that way.
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  • Stop looking for a gimmick and start building a business. Learn a skill and sell it. Build loyalty, trust, and get some real clients who like you enough to buy from you.

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      Originally Posted by TheSalesTechnician View Post

      Stop looking for a gimmick and start building a business. Learn a skill and sell it. Build loyalty, trust, and get some real clients who like you enough to buy from you.
      this is very good advice. I started looking around on the internet, looking for an "easy" way to make money, and you know what? It's not that easy to make any money at all, and if you manage to, it's usually not a lot.
      Focus on something you are good at, a marketable skill. Find ways to network and sell yourself and that skill you can offer
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      Originally Posted by TheSalesTechnician View Post

      Stop looking for a gimmick and start building a business. Learn a skill and sell it. Build loyalty, trust, and get some real clients who like you enough to buy from you.
      This advice is certainly right. The difficulty many have however, especially when attempting to hold down a full time job and contribute as a family member, is that it's just too easy to get de-railed.

      Building a business requires a vision, a plan, and some baby-steps. Like a novelist, or newspaper columnist, who writes every day you must do something every day to further your plan.

      Your Worst Average Day!

      If you have followed the Law of Attraction, NLP, or any other self-seeking personal development psychology you will already understand the power of visualizing your perfect average day.

      The concept of a perfect average day was recently promoted by Internet marketer Frank Kern in his famous 'Mass Control Package' which sold $4 million dollars worth of copies in just a few days.

      Frank insists that everyone should visualise their perfect average day in detail, and then take baby steps to move toward it.

      So what's all this about leveraging your worst average day? Isn't that a contradiction?

      Not at all, and here's how.

      You see when people create their life-changing game-plan they make lists, and these lists tend to grow longer and longer. Just like in the commercial rat-race where everyone is on call 24/7 due to cellular communication devices the list of must dos keeps getting longer and longer.

      Rich Schefren wrote about this, somewhat, in his classic report: "The Internet Marketing Manifesto"

      Enter your worst average day. Suddenly there isn't sufficient time to complete all the tasks on your list. No matter there's always tomorrow, you think. But then disaster strikes.

      You hit two worst average days in a row and now you're 'screwed'.

      Failure, another plan down the toilet, another dream shattered.

      But let's step back and examine how it might have been different. Suppose you had anticipated these two bad days when setting your tasks for the week, how might you have modified your targets?

      And there you have it. When setting tasks for the week always plan what you can achieve on your worst average day rather than your ideal day. In this way you'll be guaranteed to complete your tasks and on days when things go well you'll be able to get ahead of yourself, or take some well-earned time off.

      The Greek philosopher Epicurus pointed out around 300 B.C. that we tend to see pleasure and rewards as positive and pain and suffering as negative. The result it many concentrate on carefully manufacturing positive goals but deny that negative influences may impact them. This is a huge mistake.

      Don't fall into this trap. Plan your long term aspirations according to how you want your perfect average day to unfold, but for your short term ones use your worst average day as your meter.

      And please stop trying to make money today and instead concentrate on building the business that you and your loved ones will be proud to own.


      Send me a DM, or visit my support desk to contact me: http://support.stephenbray.com
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        I've been struggling quite a bit too, and I like to look to quotes from successful people of the past to encourage me. Sometimes it feels like we have unique problems that no one has ever experienced before.

        I think attitude and perspective are the two things that will unlock the doors for you. If you have the right attitude and perspective already, then you're closer than you think. If you don't, then that's probably what you need.

        These are all quotes from Winston Churchill. I hope they are encouraging.

        Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential.

        A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.

        I never worry about action, but only inaction.

        If you are going through hell, keep going.

        It is no use saying, 'We are doing our best.' You have got to succeed in doing what is necessary.

        Never, never, never give up.

        Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.

        Sure I am of this, that you have only to endure to conquer.

        Discover your ultimate purpose through the magic of story. Story Purpose

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    Like most of people replied, persistence is the key. Moreover, you cannot jump from one ebook to another trying to implement what gurus have said and done. Unless and until you find ways to do online stuff and develop proficiency doing it everyday, you cannot build any credible business. Like any other business, online business takes planning, understanding technology, and having an unwavering commitment to make it happen.

    Don't just give up irrespective of self doubt, failure after failure, bleak outlook etc. Push ahead and you will, one day, see the light. That day all your hard work will be paid off and you will feel most happiest and satisfied man on earth. All the best!
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    Yes I agree with thesalestechnician...try not to look for the overnight result. Build a business the proper way, have a product that people need or you can persuade them that they need it; create the right marketing message; deliver it through the correct channels to the targeted recipients and build a real person to person relationship. It will build your business on solid ground.

    What you have to remember about some of the gurus is that they have been building a business (their list) for maybe 15 years now.

    Good luck and stay focused on your desired outcome.

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    I don't mean to be trite, intangible or simplistic. But in my opinion, the first problem is the question and the premise it implies.
    Instead of asking "Why can't I do this?" I believe Thomas Edison kept asking (through his 1000 "failures" to make a light bulb), "How CAN I do this?"
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      I couldn't agree more with Ruth P's comment, which is spot-on.

      I've pretty much identified a strategy for making money online and probably could have been successful if I just hung in there and kept trying. The problem for me was allowing myself to be distracted by seemingly "better" things from time to time. Then I'd lose time taking these detours, only to wind up back at Square one.

      Now, things have changed. I've returned to my original strategy and am trying harder. I'm sure that I'll be tempted to give other stuff a shot in the meantime.
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      Originally Posted by sparkie2260 View Post

      I don't mean to be trite, intangible or simplistic. But in my opinion, the first problem is the question and the premise it implies.
      Instead of asking "Why can't I do this?" I believe Thomas Edison kept asking (through his 1000 "failures" to make a light bulb), "How CAN I do this?"
      Now that says it all!!
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    Here is my advice...

    1. You already have enough information to make money. Making money online is not rocket science and buying the next ebook or guide wont help you, because you already have a solid foundation of knowledge.

    2. Start focusing on something. The thing to remember is that people make a lot of money with virtually every strategy there is, so the trick is not finding the right direction to take but rather becoming good at whatever direction you decide to take. So focus on becoming good at whatever you do, there is no need to jump around!

    3. Basics - When I started, I always thought there was a secret sauce out there, something others were doing that I just needed to get my hands on and then I would be making money to. There is no secret sauce! Its all about the basics and fundamentals of marketing. Go back to the basics...value. Somehow carve out some way to create value. That is the first and most important step. Next market. If there is enough value you are providing, the marketing becomes substantially easier, thus focusing on the production or distribution of value is very important.

    I have no doubt you can "make it" if you sit down, come up with a good strategy and then work your tail off to make that strategy work. I always encourage people to come up with as detailed of a business plan as they can. This should be easier for you than most, because you have knowledge of the industry already!

    Wishing you much success and prosperity!

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    Not to be redundant to the group of replies but the one common theme here is "persistence". It really is the key.

    Choose one method of IM and STICK TO IT!! Maybe try sifting through the WSO for a program that is tailored to newbies. Usually a program like that will have step by step instructions that are easy to follow and that will get you on...well at least A track if maybe not the right one for you.

    Best of luck!!
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    Choose one method of IM and STICK TO IT!.Modify it till you get result.Most people leave IM when they are too close to success.We all where there at some point of time or another.
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      Originally Posted by rahulr View Post

      Choose one method of IM and STICK TO IT!.Modify it till you get result.Most people leave IM when they are too close to success.We all where there at some point of time or another.

      The temptation to quit is greatest the closer you get to success

      This is a quote I live by and is the reason quit is a thought rarely thrown around in my admittedly crazy mind!!

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        You have believed the hype.

        If you build it, they will come.

        If they come, you will be rich.

        Fat chance.

        The truth is MOST internet marketers fail.

        Nobody wants to her the F-word, but it's real. Failure is an option.

        The myth of the pot of gold at the end of the internet rainbow
        sends many pulling out their hair.

        We could all make a list of what to do. They would all be different, but
        some points similar. What works for us, may not work for you.

        Seriously, if you can't figure it out, there is no shame in getting
        and keeping a day job.

        Insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result.


        If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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          Originally Posted by paulgl View Post

          Nobody wants to her the F-word, but it's real.
          Actually, Paul, it's because people believe in your concept of failure that they don't succeed.

          The only reason people don't reach their goal(s) is because they give up too soon. That's it. What you define as "failure" is merely an opportunity to learn more and move towards your "Ultimate goal."

          Nothing can stop people from achieving what's important to them.

          According to you, they should give up when they encounter a challenge/setback/failure/whatever. However, that's precisely when they should be forging a head.
          "Each problem has hidden in it an opportunity so powerful that it literally dwarfs the problem. The greatest success stories were created by people who recognized a problem and turned it into an opportunity."―Joseph Sugarman
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    Always pick something that you believe in to promote, first and foremost. Don't just try to sell anything. As a coach, I believe that you must have some passion for what you do to make living. Anything that you firmly believe in will always ring true as long as you work hard to make it happen and help others along the way! Best of Luck!

    To your success,
    Juli Miezejeski MBA, CPC
    Certified Professional Coach
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    When you were just learning to walk, you learned the secret of success.

    Stand up, take a step, fall down, repeat till you can walk.

    Then came talking, make sounds, compare to others and analyze their response, try again till they understand what you want.

    The truth is you can do whatever you are willing to expend the time and resources to accomplish providing that you have the physical attributes to accomplish. (A cannot have a baby because I'm male - this is before some makes the remark)

    You are limited by your by the beliefs you have accumulated over the years. People say things to you that you take to heart (and probably don't remember who or when). My wife had the idea that she could not do algebra, but when an algebra problem was presented in s different way, she had no problem solving it.

    Look at the things you are having problems with, break them down into their parts and work on detemining the underlying feels or causes for the blockage. Try to find the reasons you do what you do, and why you don't do the things you can't.
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    It's all about taking action and trying different marketing strategies. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Focus on one thing and do it very well! Good luck.
    I offer CPA coaching and investment opportunities for those SERIOUSLY interested in making money directly or indirectly with affiliate marketing. PM me for details.

    Read More about CPA/Affiliate Marketing on my Blog
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    Of course that if you just created your pages, they won't have visits or clicks.
    Traffic doesn't appear for magic.

    Of course that if you just joined forums and bought ebooks you won't have earned anything.

    Money doesn't fall out of the sky (at least for the majority of us). You have to pick an idea, and STICK to it. You can't just create and expect that it will grow by itself.
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      Any way to post some URLs to some of what you are trying to do? Maybe some of us can address specifics, if so.

      And hey, hang in there! You're doing the right thing posting here, so keep coming back.

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    It's not "why can't I do this" it's more like, you haven't done it yet.

    “The urge to quit is strongest, right before you make it.”
    -Bob Parsons, founder of GoDaddy

    Don't you dare give up or I will physically beat you!
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    you have to be laser sharp focused on your objective and take action immediately.
    the secret of success is never ever give up untill you reach your goal.change strategy and achieve your goal if one is not taking to the right road to success, Be the Best
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    Keep going! I've had this problem in the past and it's about perserverance and continuing to do what you're doing...

    Think how many people are trying to do what you're offering now - it is the most competitive market place but consistency and determination will see you though!
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    Big Jeff you've had some great advice from some really concerned peeps here. I recommend listening to all of it and then coming back for more advice and inspiration. Just pick up the pieces and keep going. We'll all be more than happy to look at what you're doing and helping you tweek the thing into a mighty juggernaut of mass instruction!
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    I love Winston Churchill, and I think everyone's day would be better begun if it included at least two Winston Churchill quotes. I know mine is.
    Here's one of my favorites, if you'd like a smile (W.C. quotes are great for that, too!):
    "I drink a great deal. I sleep a little, eat whatever I like, and I smoke cigar after cigar. That is why I am in two-hundred-percent form."
    Love him!
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    That is a great quote sparkie2260!
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      Many of us have gone through this phase as marketers.

      While you've been successful in gaining the knowledge required to make money online and you're obviously putting in the effort, what you may not be doing is taking the "right" action.

      You've created blogs/websites with offers but no visitors, which means you haven't actually worked at driving traffic to the offers. A million websites are not going to earn you money, without visitors.

      The first thing to do is look at the different traffic generation methods and implement at least 3-4 methods. Once you start getting eyeballs on your offers, you can then assess the performance of your site/offers, based on the clicks.

      But first things first...drive traffic.

      Plan and have the whole concept ready before you create a site, and follow it through without fail.

      Don't get disheartened, you'll see how the money starts to trickle in once you start doing things right.

      And yes..as others have pointed out, think long-term and build a business.

      I believe in taking the time to do something right, the first time. Need Content? Get in touch.

      WSO: Insane CPA Cash Flow - KILLER CPA techniques.
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        First I understand your frustration.
        Enough said.

        I can't claim a lot of success yet but I'm starting to see some traffic.

        Here's what I did:

        I chose a program to follow.
        I followed the directions step by step word for word to the best of my ability.
        I gave it the time that the author indicated.
        If I did not see results I looked to see what piece of the puzzle I missed and why?
        Was it because I overlooked something in the program?

        Was the missing piece some prerequisite knowledge/skill that I needed?
        Was it because I did have sufficient resources to implement? (i.e. too small a budget.)

        I the went back went looking for information on that piece and put it into the puzzle. And waited...

        If it was because I didn't have the resources I went looking for a less expensive technique.

        And repeated the process. I'm gradually finding all the pieces.
        I don't care who is selling what, I've become jaded to anyone who claims this is the only and/or last product you will ever need.

        I've found all the ones I've tried are really good at one or two things but not the rest. So I've started looking for who does this piece well and purchasing their program to get that piece of the puzzle.

        Part of my difficulty could be because this is a second career for me. I've always been technologically challenged.
        Yeah I question my sanity too.

        If I find they are using something that leaves me with ethical questions I don't use it.


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          People have offered great advice in posts above me and probably more great advice will trail my post. All I can say is do one thing:

          Reframe your mind. Don't think, "Why can't I do this?". Instead say to yourself. I CAN do this.

          Pick one method and work the hell out of it and you will see something happen.

          I have a sloppy signature, so I print instead.

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    your main problem is you give up easily.stick to 1 method.if you wanna do cpa just promote cpa.if something else do that.dun keep on jumping here and there.most of the marketers failed is because they tried to do every method that they learn.

    don't try multi-tasking because it makes you lose focus.
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    Action, focus and a good method. That's all what you need to make money online. If you have already bought many products you already have the smallest part, which is the system/method.

    Now, get the other 2 elements. First, choose a method (just pick something that's popular and proven to work and you can't go wrong), then create an action plan and tasks list.

    The next step is take action. Lose money/time (depends on the method you choose), but don't move on. Improve your techniques, adjust your plan and try again. Just don't move on to another method and start everything again. Keep focused on one thing and keep doing it until you succeed. It may take a week, a month or even several months, but it will take much longer with you don't stay focused and jump to another system.

    Steal My Profit Strategy

    >> Download Now <<
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    You just got a ton of great advice. I am chiming in because I just wrote a blog post on that not five seconds ago. You can click on my link in my sig to read it. just posted today.

    Now that post was inspired by a great post I read on the Warrior Forum by Sirtom. Do a search on the forum for Traffic Generation And How To Get A Ton Of It

    hang in there. Listen to all the advice. there's a common theme. You can do this!!

    Mike Brooks
    Affiliate/JV Manager for Job Crusher

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