Why do I get so few comments on my blog?

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I am a bit stuck here and feel like I have reached a plateau. I get about 10-20 visitors a day without having to do anything based on my blog posts, my backlinks, and various other things like value sell site exchange. My site was started in April of this year so it is still pretty new.

From these people visiting, I get many of them engaged as they click on a number of my tabs and posts. This really isn't a thing to get you guys to all go to my site so I can get traffic from it. I am really downright wondering what I can do to get people to be engaged on my site.

Does it not feel complete enough?
Not homely enough?
Does it put people off?
Is it because there aren't enough comments, so I haven't engaged any social validation (chicken / egg problem)

Would love to hear some of your thoughts.
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    You just need to promote much harder so you get more traffic.

    Your layout isn't very pro. Change to a more strongly branded
    design and position yourself as a real authority with commitment -
    a free blogger blog says "I'm an amateur", unfortunately.
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      find the e-book make you content presell by ken evoy. That will help you with your concern. btw how do you monetize with this blog? adsense? because if your using adsense with only 10-20 trffic..... then that's bad.....(for me)


      30 days of Solid Foundation that Hootsuite and All automation can't do!
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      (will create a Warrior thread in 2 weeks)
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        I would not worry one iota about that.
        In fact, I turn comments off.
        It really does nothing to the blog except propagate spam in
        99.99% of the cases.

        If you really want comments, and lots of em, you've got to
        get your blog out there first of all. Then you have to give
        people a reason to post. Stir up even a little debate or
        controversy. Ask questions, not just answers. And brag that
        you allow urls.

        I may make posts a tad bit shorter...


        If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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          I agree. If very few people know about your blog. they will not visit, read or make comments.

          From my experience with blogs, I have found that it usually takes a little while for others to know about a blog, especially one as recent as yours. What you'll need to do is get the word out about it, using blog directories, forums, websites, and social networks. In the meantime, continue adding new posts and very soon, you should start seeing some traffic.

          I would also like to add that I think getting traffic for blogs and websites is the biggest challenge.
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    I'm in the process of building a contest and giving away a prize (book) every week for the best posts. I've seen that strategy work successfully on other sites.
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  • If you really want comments now, try to comment on other people's blogs, but read their post and write great comments.... Do it for several times, and that blogger will notice you and return with comment... In other words, learn how to network with bloggers...


    I noticed that content on your blog is very difficult to scan. Here's a great article about it -- Writing Blog Content – Make it Scannable from Problogger...

    The point is that people on internet have too much content in front of their eyes and they prefer to scan the content... So, my humble opinion is, if you want comments, focus on

    1. higher visit, and

    2. easy to scan content

    Good luck man...
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    I am actually having the same problem. I'm not even sure if people are reading my blog at all, much less commenting.

    What are some good ways to get a blog out there?

    I'm new to this area of the internet, so any good sites would be appreciated.
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    Dear Golden Eyes-

    The easiest way? Start a Facebook group. Join others groups of a similar 'flavor' and make posts... and occasionally throw a link to your article in.

    Link building has also been effective for me in the fashion and manner "he who brings order" mentioned. The key, in my opinion, is to stay with your interest and get to know those folks who run the blogs. Send them a few e-mails with some interesting tips or leads.

    Or, how about asking if you can contribute an article to their blog with a backlink to your blog in the bio?
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      The #1 reason for having a blog (in regards to seo) is to funnel traffic and
      get backlinks that are authoritative. Comments do not factor into the
      equation at all.


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    Hi FutharkLifehack,

    How many blogs do you visit and leave comments on daily?

    I used to have zero to 2 comments per post. I began hitting 20-30 blogs each day, read their posts and left insightful comments. Now I sometimes receive over 30 comments per post.

    Whatever you want (comments), give (comments).

    I see different opinions in this thread and will say this: When you have comments, you pull authority. If a prospect comes across a creative, usable post which has at least 30 comments, they're giving your links a click and you will generate some fresh hot leads. I say this from personal experience.

    So it's not vital to have comments when it comes to SEO, but it sure doesn't hurt when it comes to generating leads.

    All the best.

    Ryan Biddulph
    Ryan Biddulph helps you to be a successful blogger with his courses, manuals and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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    • Profile picture of the author FutharkLifehack
      So thank you everyone for your advice. Deep down inside I think I knew the answer but I just wanted to hear everyone's opinion. I have been pretty good about leaving forum posts, but I think I have only left 2 or 3 blog comments per day, so I am definitely going to up that to many more blog comments per (marketing) day.

      Also, one of you mentioned that a Blogger blog is not tops. How essential is it to have a Wordpress blog? From what I've seen, most of people's startup Wordpress blogs on Personal Development look very similar. It kinda reminds me of the IPod / Mac phase, when everyone had a Mac but they really couldn't explain why, other than "uhh...iTunes, but it was only a 3000 dollar computer" - marketing genuis at its best, people don't even know why they bought Macs.

      I'm asking this because I've been thinking for a while of using Wordpress as Blogger does not allow much room for customization and generally making the blog more streamlined. I want to keep my URL and keep all my posts, but I just need a good chunk of time to convert it over to Wordpress. Not exactly sure how to start a Wordpress blog and use my own URL and get some hosting, but that's my next challenge
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    i must say that the content of your website or blog whatever must be eye catching and attracting for the user. if a user come n found nothing of his interest how can he comment on your blog post ... writing is something making some thing simple very interesting
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      Are you branding your self? Does your traffic see you as a real person?

      If your traffic see that you are trying to show your face and that you provide really good content they will comment.

      Trust me! I have one page on my blog that has over 150 comments and its because the i am branding my self and the content is good.


      When people see that other people have left comments it helps make them want to comment. People like to join in on a conversation. The hardest part is getting thoughs first few comments. After that everyone else seems to comment.
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  • Profile picture of the author Gary Pettit
    If you're doint the right thing, with Integrity (Who You Are), then the measure of "hits" is not the issue.
    Be You. Success will come, even as you live it day by day.
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    I'm in week two of my contest. I have enough product to last the end of the month... and for some door prizes. I'd definitely say it has helped encourage others to comment on articles.

    I'm also including a hand-written thank you note to each winner. Each week I'm trying to pick 3-5 people to win.

    There are a few "gotchya's" if you do any physical prize. Be aware of overseas shipping costs! $13.00 every time I ship a book overseas.
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      You want to make sure you are providing your readers with valuable content on your blog.

      Please do not use affiliate links in signatures

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    My blog is not much different, i guess to get more comments, we need more traffics.

    I start to comment in relevant blogs lately and i hope it will improve comments.

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