Are you a mild mannered millionaire?

by vezign
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Big fan of the site, mostly a browser but decided to see if I could get some feedback on an idea! (and seeing as internet marketing types have a lot to say figured this would be the place to post!)

I just started the site:, and I'm curious what you all think of the idea... Basically the concept of the site can be summed up here:

This site is not about how to make a million dollars, its about how to make money doing what you love so you feel like a millionaire. Its about how following your passion can lead to the richness of life that you may have thought only money could buy. Most of all its about living life to the fullest without wasting 40 hour a week for someone else the rest of your life. This site isn't necessarily about making more money then you do already, its about putting money in its proper place and making the most of the money you already make.
This sites designed for people who fall into the category,or who want to fall into this category, that Tim Ferriss (Author: The 4-Hour Workweek) calls the "New Rich".
My goal is to get a bunch of passionate writers who can add their unique perspective on the subject through articles ranging on the following subjects:
  • How To | Simple, practical guides on a wide range of subjects.
  • Inspiration | Stories and studies on interesting results that will serve to inspire.
  • Lifestyle | Would you rather make $1,000,000 a year working 80 hours a week, or $500,000 working 4 hours a week?
  • Marketing | Its simple, market something and you may just make some money.
  • Productivity | How not checking FaceBook every 15minutes can save you tons of money.
(and probably more down the road)

I want the site to be similar to &, they both have my main audience... This isn't a site to stuff full of content from other sites, I'm really looking to make authentic great copy here.

The money concept goes as follows:

Many people don't realize what kind of money is in advertising online, but just to give you an idea here's some simple math:

- Lets say you write an article that gets 20,000 page views a day... And if its high enough quality (content is king as they say), and has a 'viral' punch you can expect this kind of traffic.

- At 20,000 page views you can expect a click through rate on YOUR ads of about 1 - 3%, we'll go with a 2% average

- 2% of 20,000 is 400 clicks.

- Depending on the topic the ads can run anywhere from $.50 to $5 per click, and some cases of $20 per click if the audience is valuable enough! A safe average is $1 per click, thats what I see on most my sites.

- 400 clicks at $1 per click is $400... But remeber, thats per month day on ONE article.

Lets say you only get 1,000 views per day on an article, which if it doesn't go viral, and its an older topic you can probably suspect around that many views... You'd still get around $20 per day on that one article. Thats enough to cover the rent per month!

So lets get this thing going, it will take time- great things don't always happen over night... And its not a get rich 'quick' scheme, we're trying to build a community here.
I'd love some feedback and idea's! Is this something you'd be interested in writing about?

thanks in advance
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    I'm a mild mannered not millionaire.
    More Than Meets The Eye.
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      Originally Posted by Optimus Lime View Post

      I'm a mild mannered not millionaire.
      Join the club ... no literally, lets make a club. HA!
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        Originally Posted by vezign View Post

        Join the club ... no literally, lets make a club. HA!
        haha I don't know about that, I think the club would get too big :p
        More Than Meets The Eye.
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    so how do i learn more about this?


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    • I'm not a millionaire so I cannot tell the feeling of it, but I like the idea:

      "how to make money doing what you love so you feel like a millionaire"

      in fact, would it be what most of entrepreneurs are doing?

      I think the 80-20 rule concept might interest you for your site, (if you haven't covered the topic) I'm not going to explain what that is here, because I'm not good at explaining it. I don't want to mislead anybody. I suggest you to Google it.

      BTW, I visited your site and it looks good to me.
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        This sounds interesting. I work full time from home doing precisely what I love, and I've never been happier. Millionaire? Not quite, but it's no longer a priority in my life - not now I'm living the ideal lifestyle (for me).

        Oh - and the 80-20 rule is called the "Pareto Principle". I've written about it in a lot of detail in the past. It's so true!
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    Originally Posted by vezign View Post

    • Lifestyle | Would you rather make $1,000,000 a year working 80 hours a week, or $500,000 working 4 hours a week?
    Sorry to just pick this small section out, but I would rather make $1,000,000 a year working 80 hours at something I enjoy, than $500,000 working 4 hours per week at something I don't.

    If the idea is to do something you enjoy to make your living, then why limit yourself to just a few hours a week?
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    I guess because some people need to feed their family. It's always good for those to make money doing something their love. I'm pretty sure the club would get huge
    I offer CPA coaching and investment opportunities for those SERIOUSLY interested in making money directly or indirectly with affiliate marketing. PM me for details.

    Read More about CPA/Affiliate Marketing on my Blog
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    I love the concept, especially the first section. Awesome.
    And I do like the name, a lot! (Because we all know what comes right after the "mild-mannered" whatever.)
    I think it's great. Get it launched!
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