How To Become The Best At What You Do!

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Here are some awesome tips inspired by Anthony Robbins that I use to focus my efforts, maximise my productivity and position myself as an expert in my niche!

1. Look at what your really good at right now. Become absolutely obsessed with mastering this area of your life - laser like focus
They say that if you got to the library and read one book on a topic, you will know more that 50% of the world's population on that topic. If you then read 5 books on that subject, you will know more than 80%. If then do a specialist course at a university or train with a mentor you will be in the 1% of the worlds population who have this level on knowledge in this field. If you then write your own book or publish your own paper in this field, you will be in the 0.01% of the world's population with this credibility. You will then be an immediate authority in your field and can command a high price for your expertise.

2. Become exactly specific about what you want.
You must be completely clear of what it is you want. People like confident experts who are masters of their craft. A jack of all trades is not as credible as a master of one!

3. Make it a compelling goal
You will not take action and keep focused unless there is enough desire to attain your goal. The way to increase your desire is to set a seemingly impossible to reach goal. If you have financial aspirations, then set it to $1000,000 net profit your business will generate in 1 year. It is much more exciting to achieve that then if you just say, I want to make $2000 a month in one year.

4. Get the best strategy, skills, insight, mentors, mastermind groups and knowledge.
All of the most successful entrepreneurs will tell you that their business achievement was fast tracked by learning from someone who had already achieved success in what they wanted to do. It is also true that you become your environment, if you surround yourself with low aspirational people who moan and complain all the time, then that is what you will become. People like that are toxic to your own happiness and success. Avoid them at all costs. Many successful people will tell you that they found the most benefit by being in a mastermind group of likeminded people they could bounce ideas off and feel inspired by. Find the best mentors, masterminds, knowledge and tools you can to fast track and ensure your own success!

5. Take consistent massive action
Nothing is possible unless you take immediate action! You don't have to get it right first time, you just need to get it going!

If you have any more tips, feel free to add!

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