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Dear warriors. today i have decided i want to pursue Internet marketing as a full time job. i am 20 years old and penny less. i was at university for the last few years but i was kicked out due to bad grades(but i have good grades from high school to college). the reasons were not because i was unintelligent but because i had depression and anxiety's from growing up in poverty. right now i am unemployed looking for a way to earn a living. i think this is it. here is my plan: i will get a job, any job..even work at Mcdonalds and work for 4-5 months straight. i will at the end have around 2k to use for my Internet marketing ventures. i am a total newbie but i will buy a WSO that i see a good lots of feedback for. i will stick to the WSO and carry it through till it pays off or fails in which case i will move on to another WSO.
i can grasp site building and so on but not exactly a professional. i am also fairly good at writing.

the good thing is i don't have much financial responsibilities such as children etc and my brother is working full time to keep the family going(though its not going very well). i am very determined and think this can be a good way to start and make my way in life. do you guys think this is a good plan and what are my chances of success? i have been searching everywhere for the
big pay out job and i really think Internet marketing could be it. i am very persistent with my dreams and i hope this can help me achieve them. if my plan seems like a bad idea tell me so.. if my plan is a good idea tell me so.. if i can improve my plan tell me so..

this is the first steps i am taking in changing my life....
any thought would be much appreciated

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    You're on a good path. But I suggest you already start working on IM as you are working in the day job.

    The most important thing is to never give up. But don't think persistence is everything, following just one WSO might not be enough. What you need is a lot of knowledge and you can get that for free by reading this and other forums.

    Good luck!

    "To realize the value of ONE-SECOND, ask a person who just avoided an accident."

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      That's good advice. Working at IM on the side is a good way to test your skills and provide yourself with enough time and tools to make money. You also need to take it slow, one step at a time. Find out what aspect of IM appeals to you and get cracking. Remember to stay focused and you will succeed.
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  • I wish you success in your path Mas... I'm sorry because you were depressed...

    As for plan... I can not tell you whether the plan is good, because I have not tried it myself...

    P.S. Be prepared that something does not go as planned, as it's often the case.
    (be like water, ready to adapt)
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    good luck I hope it works out for you...but definetly be prepared in case something happens.
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      good plan.take a job 1st at the sametime save some of your salary to invest in some good courses to get more knowledge and skills about internet marketing.but don't like buy every course coming out every month.

      as long as you believe in yourself and take action,success will be yours.good luck!
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    I always say that internet marketing is for people who want to change their lifestyle and start earning more money working less. However, it's not for people who are in a very bad financial situation and trying to make fast money to save their lives.

    But you seem to have the right mindset. First, work hard and make a budget, then get started online affording to lose some money.

    $2K is a good budget and I do believe that you can learn how to play this game with this money if you don't spend every penny on a different system.

    So take action, get your job and make some money. Then get started in the internet marketing world and let us know if you need help with anything.

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    • Thinking about big money makes people dream about big things. It does to me too. I suggest you to do something you are passionate about for IM. Use passion to drive you, not money. If money is your primary reason and only reason to go for IM, it can be tough. Because it's hard to keep focusing and motivated for something that you don't really like doing, even for money .

      Also, since you said you grew up in poverty, it doesn't hurt to set your mindset right about money. I grew up with not much money and I used to have some negative feeling about money. I didn't discover the negative feeling until I really look for what's stopping me from getting lots of money. I used to think rich people are just good at snatching and running. The snatch and run business model doesn't work well, and even if it makes some money, it doesn't last long. I apologize if your mindset is on the right path already, just I didn't want you to make the same mistake as I did.
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    In it to win it!
    Congrats on your success! Keep up the good work!
    Another example of "Don't Give Up: Whoever said 'the sky's the limit' was ignoring the footprints on the moon."
    Here's to your continued success!
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    Hi buddy,

    Persist, persist, persist. Keep going *no matter what.* Make personal development a priority. Find inspirational/motivational articles and videos, read and watch over and over.

    Your mindset makes or breaks you and people who make personal development a priority usually become super successful in this field.

    All the best!

    Ryan Biddulph
    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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      Just remember that you can make good money overnight, or it can take you awhile. Just make an promise to yourself that you'll continue working at it until you make it.

      Warrior Forum is always here to help with any questions or concerns that you have.

      Looking forward to reading about your success stories...
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    Go for it. We only have one life to live so do what you love and make it happen. You CAN DO IT. I agree with others that you should work on your IM as you work your job.
    Many of us grew up in poverty, so we know what that is like. Much success to you.
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    Wishing you the best of luck, although I recommend having some other source of income coming in.

    Especially because you'll probably find that your best chance to "make money fast" is with paid advertising, like PPC.

    SEO can take a long time to get going.
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    If you have the drive and motivation to do so (and you certainly sound like you do), you can definitely begin on your IM venture while working at McDonald's. If you are determined and focused enough, you could very well be able to quit your job before the 5 months are up!

    Take action now, and keep working at your regular job while you're getting your internet marketing off the ground. Just remember to stay focused on one thing at a time in IM, and don't jump from program to program! Keep working at it until you see results, and keep your end goal in mind at all times so that you don't get distracted.
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    You can do it. You already have somewhat of a plan in place (which is good), now put your IM career plan in place.
    - Read in here and in Digital Points Forum to learn and network.
    - Don't feel you have to spend a lot to make a lot. There are certain areas where it will be best to pay someone for a service, but there will be times that you can learn how to do something yourself (this is a great feeling).
    - Don't buy every product you come across that you think will help you. Remember to monitor your costs.
    - Do your research for hosting, domain names, keywords, CMS (content management system) and more.
    - As per the above consider: hostgator, godaddy, google keywords selector and WordPress. None of these are hard to understand and they are cost efficient.
    - Ask questions. This forum is filled with helpful, successful and knowledgeable people.
    - Keep yourself motivated and keep your eyes on your goal!

    You can do it. Even when you want to give up or feel it's not working keep going. The kind of success you're pursuing might not come easy, but it will come. Good luck!
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    A lot of good advice on here. You'd be wise to listen to it. So take notes, seriously.

    There are start up costs to any business so put some money away. Your plan of $2000 is a good start.

    At times you'll be flying high and other times you'll feel overwhelmed. Staying even keeled is a huge benefit to your mindset if you are able.

    Be disciplined in your work. If you're distracted easily, prepare what you'll do for it now. You don't want to be into to IM and 2 months later haven't accomplished anything.

    Work on self improvement daily. Including how you post items on here. Make sure your posts reflect the quality you'll provide in your IM venture.

    It is a lot of work regardless of what so many say in their sales pitch. But if you work hard, find a good niche, a hungry niche you will do well.


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      IM is a great place to get yourself off the ground and if you work at it you will achieve the goals you have set.
      That's a great plan you have outlined there but don't be afraid to get detailed with it and understand every step you have to take. A lot of this work is done through research, learn everything you can about it when you can.
      Always remember to remain positive and focused.

      I'm being privately coached by an online multi-millionaire. Are you?


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    don't put all your egg's in one basket.

    a smart person always keeps a spare tire on hand, or has some sort of a backup plan when a tire blows. Treat IM the same way.

    I'm virtually just as new to IM as you, that is to say, my join date is synonymous with my IM career

    Don't get discouraged and like some said, truly fall in love with something and anything you want you can make happen, IM is no different from the sounds of it!

    Also look into some hybrid models where you can work offline and online. Why not have the best of both worlds. Be a sponge and treat this website as your kitchen sink, absorb it all up.

    Good luck

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    Sorry but you sound really messed up. I think you have a very low chance of succeeding....at least in IM in your current state of mind/depression etc.

    You don't need $2000 for IM, heck if you save that up, dont spend it!

    Yes please get a job and save save save.

    And also do IM on the side.

    Don't quit your job until you are making good money with IM, its not fair to rely on your brother to support you.

    And please dont go thinking this is easy, or will solve all your problems, because it could take you years to achieve.

    Good luck
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      Hi Mas,

      If you are serious and focused in action, you can make it especially since there are so many free good advice already out there in IM especially here in WF.

      Take your time, learn as you go with your allotted budget, use free means as much as possible. Don't jump on the get rich quick train ride, and be patient in the process.

      You can do it if your motivation and drive keeps you at it!

      Take care and Go For It!!!


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        It's funny, because I had the same idea some weeks ago. I'm from Romania, and I came in Denmark for studies. Compared to Romania, Denmark it's a very expensive country. I first started exploring the making money opportunities about 4 years ago, with GDI. But because of the fact that now I have 19 years old, it means that I was about 15 years old (a bit immature for the online market). Anyways, I've managed to attract some prospects, and a 25$ check come in my post. After that I just quit it... Don't ask me why!

        Anyways..Now I'm in Denmark and I thought to find a job, to rise some money and to start marketing again. So I've researched the today's online market and I observed that without some start up money it's almost impossible to succeed online. So I really think that you have made good planes for your future, for the fact that the true meaning of today's freedom it's not something that you can get for free, and Internet Marketing it's one of the easiest way to rich it. So I wish you an honest "GOOD LUCK" with the days that are about to come.

        PS : And don't ever give up...
        Andrei Cristian,
        eConcept Designer and Developer

        Become a Wealthy Affiliate!
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  • thank you all for your encouraging replies. for those of you who have said i need to be focused and serious... i have my first job interview tomorrow.(for a call center) and another one the day after. this is the most progress i made in months in terms of looking for a job. the thing that is motivating me is the need to raise money for my IM ventures. i think this proves i am focused and determined and i hope it all goes to plan! wish me luck

    Disclosure: I am not making money on line yet...soon though!

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    You are indeed in the good path! Getting focus and taking action to become better is excellent. You are already up and already ahead than some people!
    I offer CPA coaching and investment opportunities for those SERIOUSLY interested in making money directly or indirectly with affiliate marketing. PM me for details.

    Read More about CPA/Affiliate Marketing on my Blog
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      GREAT mindset you have there...

      ...although I would be cautionary as pursuing IM as a full-time job when you don't have anything else as a stepping stone.

      Only reason I say this is because IM can be a VERY fragile business - without the proper strategy and contingency plan in place.

      With that said...try to aim for "evergreen" markets and seek to establish some sort of a mailing list.

      These two factors is definitely what sets apart those who succeed in the long-term versus those who crash and burn after a few months.

      Maybe it's wise to have a backup "job" in case this doesn't turn out the way you want it.

      That way...it'll give you a wider experience in terms of your own personal growth...and IM can be like something extra which you can move into on a full time basis once you're positive you're in an extremely profitable position.

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    Well if you desperately need starting capital and you say you're a decent writer, you could try your hand at providing an article writing service on Warrior?

    There are tons of marketers who are looking for good content writers and if you can deliver I'm very sure the payoff's going to be way more than what McDonald's going to give you..

    Other than that, I wish you all the best!
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    IM take a while to develop,you will not make money overnight,each day you will learn new techniques.........You still young and have a big career forward ...way of working your way up..

    We tend to blame everthing around us, to get the blame of us.....Show the finger to yoursef first and ask yourself where you can improved.......Work on personal goals first to achieve...a goal.In IM you must have the self confidence to solve problems..

    Problems is a Gift without them we can move Forward........Solve your personal problems and you will find more happines.

    Thanks I Apreciate
    Frustrated? Free Guide to Make Money Here..Thanks

    Free E-Book Make Money with Free Products Here

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  • update: i start tomorrow in my new job ... woot am happy ill have cash coming in for investments in internet marketing xP

    Disclosure: I am not making money on line yet...soon though!

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    Good luck with everything and I was kind of in a similar situation.

    I ended up losing my previous job in the middle of sept which put my IM ventures on hold (ironically, I just outsourced keyword research at the same time). I ended up having to move back in my with my mother and started a new job much closer to my new location.

    I get paid a little less, but my new job is much more relaxing, has less traffic, and the people I work with are much nicer. Now that I've been at it for a month, I'm starting up my IM ventures again.

    I also echo everyone's advice not to depend on IM if you're desperate and struggling. Make sure you have a "safety net" first before you blow hundreds on IM. I was hoping Sept was finally going to be the month I earn my first dollar, but I still hope to at least earn something before the year ends.

    Have a short term goal first like having IM pay for your gas/minor expenses/etc then scale it up from there.
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    Listen to Ryan. He pretty much has it Right.

    There is no loss without deeper Gain.

    In it to win it! Keep it up. And keep going! Come join Us at the top!
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    I really hope things start to pick up for and I wish you every success!
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