"It makes me so mad..."

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I'm aware that all sensible Warriors know that you can only influence the things over which you have influence. There's little point (absolutely none in my case!) in pulling your hair out over stuff that we cannot change.

And yet...

Scarcely a day goes by on this forum without someone, often seasoned Warriors, having a pop at stuff that is totally out of their control. With the tone of, "It makes me so mad..." they are often passionate about stating their views of some injustice, some mindless activity or possibly some change in terms/rules/law that no amount of complaining will ever alter.

Rants may be somewhat cathartic and a bunch of folk will jump on the back of your cause making you feel better temporarily - but nothing changes.

Well, bearing in mind that I know a lot of you are sensible and will heed advice, this is just a gentle reminder to focus your passion on the stuff that really matters.

Get passionate about making more money

Get passionate about creating new friendships

Get passionate about enjoying your family

Get passionate about having fun with your life

But don't get passionate about wasting your time.

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    Good reminder! I think focusing on the positives will help in all aspects of your life. There is a time and place to rant I suppose, but it's always better to be positive and let things roll off your back.
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    Great post, Peter. While as you mentioned rants (and even some spirited arguments and discussions) can be somewhat cathartic, we have to avoid falling into the trap of focusing too much of our energy and emotions into them. After all, what good really comes out of winning an argument or writing a long rant that consumes all of your time and attention?

    We should focus on the constructive, whether it is something that will help build our business or make more money. This is where the Pareto 80/20 principle comes into play, too many people spend 80% of their time on things that bring little or no benefit to their business, and only spend 20% on the really beneficial activities. We should always bear this in mind and focus that 80% of our time on constructive things that will truly benefit our IM businesses, instead of squandering our time away on activities that don't serve that purpose.
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    I see this got moved to the Mind Warriors forum - which is a bit bizarre as the folk that post pointless rants do it on the main forum and their threads remain there. They probably won't see it here.

    I know the main forum is "where we talk about making money" and that's exactly my point with this thread. Complaining about stuff you can't change doesn't make you money!

    Anyway, no point in complaining!!!

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    Sensible, time is limite and focusing it on what produce cant be exchanged for anything else under the sun.If you live up to 76 years (life expectancy), a third of the time - nearly 220,000 hours is for sleeping, and that leave you with around 445,000 hours to spend for making money. so why should that precious time be wasted.
    Money is life, so we focus on learning and turning our learning to earning.
    Good observation Peter


    Give it all you've got, and you will have all it entails.

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    Great post! I agree it's a shame that it got moved, as a lot of people on the main forum don't check Mind Warriors. But yeah, no point to complain. Whoever does read it will get something from it.

    I do rant from time to time. Ever since I first got online and started a personal blog (before I realised I could make money online) I had one rule: to always be positive. If something was bad, there was literally always a silver lining (just sometimes I had to look harder to find it!) And it's made me so much happier as a result.

    The more you change your attitude from negative to positive, the easier it gets and the more you start to look at life in a positive way in general.
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    I think life is all about doing your best and leaving the rest to God or to whoever cares.
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    Great lesson Peter.

    I just became temporarily PO'ed about a few things. For like a few minutes It's a good reminder though.

    Back on track!

    Ryan Biddulph
    Ryan Biddulph inspires you to be a successful blogger with his courses, 100 plus eBooks, audio books and blog at Blogging From Paradise
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