4 Tips for Better Meditation

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Meditation is the ultimate personal development practice. When you can face, embrace and release thoughts you are immune from circumstances. Acceptance of any situation brings peace of mind, a sense of calm and general happiness.

Meditation helps you to face, embrace and release feelings without resisting them. Follow these tips for better meditation.

1 - Meditate first thing in the evening, last thing before bed or at both times.

At any other time of the day you're bound to encounter racing thoughts syndrome. You might encounter RTS at these times too but it's easier to set up a routine around your sleeping pattern.

2 - Meditate on an empty stomach
Meditating on a full stomach can be uncomfortable.

3 - Meditate each day without exception.

With practice you become a meditator. Without practice meditation becomes increasingly difficult.

4 - Meditate while in a comfortable yet stable position.

This aspect of meditation is overlooked. You must be in a stable, comfortable position to remain grounded.

What meditation tips can you add?
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    Thanks for sharing that meditation form, I will take a look at it.

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    Thanks for the advice. If you're interested you should read 'An Introduction to Zen Training' by Omori Sogen. It discusses postures, breathing, your state of mind etc...You can get a used copy on Amazon for almost nothing.

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    Meditation is an awesome way to raise awareness and improve your concentration. Thanks for the tips! I'll be sure to try it out. I don't know why but i like to meditate with some candles in the dark.. it helps my mind more
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    No problem Justin. I meditate with candles in dark too sometimes. It helps create a sense of calm.

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    I think you mean in the morning not evening

    Originally Posted by ryanbiddulph View Post

    1 - Meditate first thing in the evening, last thing before bed or at both times.
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      Meditation is non doing, just pure witnessing. Whenever thoughts come,just observe your soft natural breath. Don't try to analyze it or change it. Let it be happens on it own. Be a pure observer . You will gradually enter into no mind- that state is superb and very peaceful.
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    I like playing calming music (specifically for meditation) over earphones or in the background, as this helps me to focus my mind better. I also prefer being in a dark and cool room as well.
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    I like your four tips for better meditation and I applaud you for introducing the subject here.

    I would like to make a distinction, and add in as well...

    I have been practicing meditation since I was a young teen and have taught for many years. I think it is important to recognize that there are many different forms of meditation, and seated meditation is really the most difficult of the many practices. If one is going to begin with a seated form of meditation, it must be stressed that only a minute or two can be tolerated and ability to stay with it may need to be built up.

    There is a well known phenomenon called "Relaxation Anxiety" that many anxious and "Type A" experience when they suddenly stop and become still and "with themselves". These people who are often "beside themselves" are diving into the advanced course by trying to sit and meditate for even 10 minutes. They have a horrible experience, announce they can't meditate to whoever told them they should try it, and go on to build up more negative feelings and self-criticism or performance pressure.

    Sometimes its a matter of personality or personal preference. Walking meditations, chanting, Sandbox, and moving meditations like Chi Gung and Ta' chi are ancient and valid meditation forms. Bicycling, showering, painting, washing dishes and playing music can become meditations. There is usually a rhythmic aspect involved but the key element is being able to "get lost in oneself".

    Some students find that they need physical exertion to clear their body and mind before they sit to meditate. This was the original purpose of yoga posture (asana) practice - to prepare the body and mind for long periods of sitting and meditation. Even in yogic meditation practice, students are fully instructed to accept and welcome their distracting thoughts, the "vritti". So many folks think meditation is about controlling thoughts or thinking nothing. They cannot do it and they get upset. And that is the real lesson... "when I come up against something I don't understand, is unfamiliar or uncomfortable, I habitually react by _________". When we can "just" sit and observe the inner dialogue, the nature and theme of our interrupting thoughts, we can truly learn about ourselves and decide if we wish to choose again.

    "Today like every other day
    We wake up empty and frightened.
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    Take down the dulcimer...
    Let the beauty we love, BE what we do,
    There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground" Rumi

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