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by Rucco
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This forum is awesome, and I'm grateful many of you give back of your time and responses in an effort to help others succeed. The "Go-Giver" philosophy has always helped me in the past (from both sides) and I'm glad it's present here.

My question is, if someone you really care about came up to you, knew absolutely nothing about SEO and asked you to give them a quick step-by-step process to reach the top of Google and where to learn it......

What would you tell them?

As a newbie I must admit despite considering myself fairly intelligent, that it's complete information overload. Reading stories like Brad Callen's and others who have made it are truly inspiring, and really I'm just looking for a blueprint of what you would do if you knew then, what you know now.
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    1. decide what your website is about and define it as a 2 or 3 word meme.

    2. include that meme in your title tags and use the words in the meme in
    the content on your site. This should be easy because, after all, the meme
    encapsulates what your website is about.

    3. Vigorously backlink to your site by commenting on blogs, forums
    and user communities relevant to your subject.
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      I would tell them to do the basics consistently.

      Relevancy to targeted keywords on the page.
      Building links every day and not slacking off.


      That's pretty much what SEO boils down to!

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    Yep, I agree with Loren. The only thing I would add is the whole social media thing, lots of potential and great way to reach new clients

    AptOHQ specializes in search engine optimization and web development for small/medium sized businesses. Give us call today at 866-404-9090 to learn how we can grow your company today!

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    If you have a bit of money to spend, go for Daniel Tan's Rank Mover ebook. I am not affiliated with it by any means, but I liked the quality and believe that it can be one of the single best starting points.
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      My question is, if someone you really care about came up to you, knew absolutely nothing about SEO and asked you to give them a quick step-by-step process to reach the top of Google and where to learn it......
      Hi, Rucco
      Good Question and your curiousity will bring you far.You will learn much more and understand the whole procedure to rank number one on Google.
      My advice
      Go to Google and read they procedures
      Seo is a Huge subject and to rank high it cost you from the right keyword to backlinking and much more.You will pay for a good Seo Blueprint,

      You can also get the whole beginners SEO resources from for free,just read my report,at my signature at the bottom.

      Frustrated? Free Guide to Make Money Here..Thanks

      Free E-Book Make Money with Free Products Here

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        Great Stuff...thank you to all!

        I will surely pay it forward.
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          I can help you there...Backlinks, Backlinks, Backlinks!

          Figure out your main keywords.

          Analyze the competition on the first page (I use SEOSpyglass). See what you're up against.

          Target 1 keyword per page. Max 2.

          Make sure that keyword is in the URL, the meta tags, the title, the meta keywords, appears on the page a few times, and in the title.

          Create backlinks on high page rank forum profiles, leave intelligent (rational) comments on high pr blogs, post articles and valuable content to web2.0 sites with backlinks of course, and use the power of RSS to "backlink your backlinks"...try to have a diversification of links (from different ips, i.e dont always use the same sites)

          rinse and repeat until desired results are achieved At first you may have to be a little more aggressive, but then once you reach the top then just keep a "maintenance" amount of backlinks on a CONSISTENT (important!) basis...

          Hope that helps
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    If you're looking for SEO advice there's plenty in this forum.. just do a quick search.. But basically there are 2 things to look out for:

    1) On Page SEO
    2) Off Page SEO

    On Page SEO means getting the content on your site fully optimized for the keywords you're targeting like having the keyword in the titles, meta tags etc.

    Off Page SEO means backlinks, backlinks and more backlinks.. consistently..
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