The Gift That Keeps Giving....

by VMN
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The most incredible thing happened yesterday.

I was shopping in Target department store with my two young boys, and found myself admiring a lovely set of winter hat, gloves and scarf made of Chenille, which I love.

I went on and on about the soft feel of the material, how beautiful these things were, and how I loved them for at least 3 minutes, perhaps longer.
I then said "Maybe I will ask Santa for them." and left it at that.

Next, the boys found camo hats they loved, and I agreed to let them purchase them.

We then went to look at winter boots for sledding.

Ten minutes later, a female employee of Target approached me and handed to me a Target bag, explaining a woman in the store had purchased the contents for me!

I carefully felt the contents through the plastic bag, which were very soft, and carefully and very slowly peeked inside.
There I found the hat, mittens and scarf!

Astonished, I asked the Target employee who the mystery woman was. She did not know. I asked if she had left the store. She had.
I then asked if the woman who had purchased these gifts for me had said anything to her.
"She said to stay warm" she replied.

I began to tear, as I have not met the woman and was touched deeply and have no way to thank her, at least in physical form.

I will wear these beautiful things on the cold windy mornings when I walk my boys to meet the school bus. Then I plan to place the present under my tree, and will always remember this gift.

The kindness of this woman means so much, more than staying warm!
The gift that will keep giving!

Perhaps I can write a little story for the town newspaper, hoping the nice woman will read it and make others feel warm.

Thank you for reading my story!
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