The Mindset that will guarantee yourself Financial Success

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Hello Everyone!

My name is Sean Alexander and this is my first thread ever in the Warrior Forum!

I have been a member of this forum for many months and have gotten tons of value out of it, but now I feel it it time to contribute back to the community.

I thought long and hard as to what part of my online business I would like to share with you guys, and finally realized that the best place to start is also the most important factor to success. Your mindset.

In order to be successful in making money online, you need to have a certain mindset.

Why is this important? Because making money online is not like making money offline. It requires more work (initially), more dedication, and more persistence.

Firstly, if you have not yet come to realize, failure is a large part of making money online. It is not a bad thing, but instead a very good opportunity to learn a valuable lesson. Many people, however, take failure personally and give up on trying to make money online. They are in the wrong mindset!

Thomas Edison failed to invent the light bulb over 10,000 times before he got it right! He did not give up! He had the right mindset.

The second thing is, you have to be extremely dedicated!

Treat your online money making venture like an actual job. It will at times be very boring or frustrating but you cannot give up! You must be willing to sit at your computer working both when it is fun and when it's not.

It is the people who treat their online business like an actual day job and put in time every day that really succeed.

Lastly, if you want to really be successful online you cannot become distracted!

Before you start your work close all applications on your computer that don't need to be open, including: email, instant messenger, skype, ect.

Make sure that no one is going to distract you while you work and promise yourself only to leave the computer if there is an emergency.

You must have extremely strong self-control to be success online because it is not like a regular job. There is no boss to make sure you are doing your work. It is all up to you whether you succeed or fail.

Please feel free to comment on my opinion or shoot me a private message.

To Your Success,
Sean Alexander
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    Yes, I agree. You must be devoted and have some sort of inspiration to keep you going in your work. Also, a smarter approach is needed for us to be successful.

    Online Business is one of the simplest way to reach the peak of success. It's just getting yourself aware of the things that Internet can do.
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    Well, it's just as Tyler Durden from Fight Club said: "No Fear, No Distractions".
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    Well dedication and no distraction are important but the most important think is to have patience because it takes lots of research and hard work before you strike gold online.
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    Hi Sean,

    Welcome to posting Shutting down communicative apps is a powerful tip. You can't be mindful if your mind is in 2 places. When focused on one task you lend your full power to it.

    Ryan Biddulph, Blogger, Author, World Traveling Digital Nomad
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    Welcome to Warrior Forum Sean! I agree with you 100% with the certain mind set you need to have in biz to become successful.
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  • Profile picture of the author Sean Alexander
    Thank you everyone for your wonderful responses! I am glad that you are finding my advice helpful! I have been doing internet marketing from home for over 4 years, but I didn't start making really good money until about a year ago when I really changed my mindset and made myself my own boss (I had to be a little hard on myself at times ) But I really am so happy that I never gave up!
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    The mindset that you have is crucial. It even comes down to your mindset on a daily basis.

    Working hard is important, working long is important but working smart is even more important. You need to know when your mind isn't right - and take a break to avoid burnout.

    Failure is success in this industry - if you are failing it means you are taking action and you are that much closer to success.
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      yeah right every failure means one obstacle less towards the path to success.
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    Main thing I learned is actually from playing poker. Don't tilt -- and don't give up.

    By tilting in online marketing I mean don't do anything stupid when something didn't work -- learn from it instead.
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    This a great post Sean. I really feel that internet is full of distraction and you need to close all other applications before you can actually concentrate on your business
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    Hi Sean, thanks for sharing.
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    i just got shown an ad over at facebook, said being a good programmer is 3% skill, 97% not getting distracted. being your own boss means making sure you are being effective instead of being another aimless web wanderer. i think it was ben franklin who said '99% of success is failure' so there is a lot to learn from that too.. persistance and properly timed strategy revision are two key points I think are important in online biz.

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  • Profile picture of the author Sean Alexander
    Hey guys! Thanks so much for your kind words. I am really glad that so many of you understand how important your mindset is! Also thank you all for making me feel so welcome in this forum!

    I know I am going to have lot of fun here
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    Not a bad post!

    Granted, there are other elements, but I would agree that this is vital to true success, as without this mindset, staying at it is almost impossible.
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    i totally agree.. doing a job is much easier.. if you are at home sitting before your computer there are a lot of chances to get distracted.. one can only be successful in internet marketing if he likes the stuff he is doing.. its really difficult for me at least.. every one or two hour i get bored and start watching some movie.. you waste a lot of time if you are not organized in your work..
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    • Profile picture of the author Stephen Bray
      Originally Posted by madmmd View Post

      i totally agree.. doing a job is much easier.. if you are at home sitting before your computer there are a lot of chances to get distracted.. one can only be successful in internet marketing if he likes the stuff he is doing.. its really difficult for me at least.. every one or two hour i get bored and start watching some movie.. you waste a lot of time if you are not organized in your work..

      I think it was Michael Gerber, who
      wrote 'The E-Myth' who claimed that
      most small business owners start out
      by firing their boss because he was
      a tyrant and then end up working for
      a jackass!

      The fact is though that I messed about
      far more at work, and in school, than
      when I went self employed.

      That's not changed since I went on-line.

      But, it's probably easier to get into the
      illusion of being productive in IM than
      in anything else. This is because our
      canny brothers and sisters are bombarding
      me with 'free' 'educational' material every
      day that can distract me from income
      producing activity.

      So now I look at all that stuff at the end
      of the day when I've lost my edge for

      I also tend to post here then too

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    It's all about decision. Decide when to work, decide when to eat, decide when to sleep...
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    Absolutely true!

    Persevere till you see success!
    Focus on the task on hand till complete!
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