Are You For or Against?

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Recently I've discussed how some people spend their time fighting while others prefer to support causes.

Being against something creates resistance. Force negates. Being for something is much more effortless. Sure you'll run into resistance but generally you encounter less problems when in full harmony with some purpose.

Do you spend more than a few minutes a day fighting something, or being hell bent on disproving someone? Then you aren't fully clear on what you are For, if you desire to be Against.

Debates are cool but I've seen people write small novels to prove that their point of view is correct, or true, or even more silly trying to disprove another's viewpoint. The "silliness" factor is that this time could have been spent devoted to discussing something that they were For, attracting similar people.

Are you a "For" person, or "Against" person?

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    Ryan thanks for your Post! I am a For person. I agree with you. Some people spend all of their time trying to prove another person wrong. If these same people used postive energy to be for something that has the potential to have a positive impact, they would lead more productive and meaningful lives.

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    You can't change how people think but you can def change how you see it.. I am a for person and I do not spend much time to prove another person wrong. I agree with spending more time on positive energy that actually will make a difference to what you believe in.
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    Thanks for stopping by guys. It's cool to disagree but why spend your time trying to convince an unwilling party when thousands or more people who agree with you are out there?

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      Good Topic..some just have the believe in them to be negative to others and simply get ..a sensation feeling from it (Alpha's)...while others (introvert) just keep quiet and be a punching bag ..until they have enough.

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    I think a lot of people take the 'against' viewpoint just because it's easier. Someone else sets the topic and their opinion on it, and then you can come in like a sniper and pick it apart. When they disagree with your disagreement, you can then say they didn't understand your point clearly and move away safely.

    It's more difficult than most people realize(or will admit) to clarify how you think about a specific topic, say it, and stay on task. Even most of the 'for' people are still pushing against other arguments or opinions they've heard earlier, and using that pre-conceived resistance to frame their own thoughts.

    Personally, I try to stay goal-oriented rather than argumentative. But argument has a place, especially when your goals involve other people.

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    I'm both depending on the given situation or subject matter. I like being analytical because I like proofs.
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