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You may have heard this before - " you have to maintain work life balance to be happy, healthy, successful.

What are three things you do to maintain work-life balance? Or does it even matter?
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    1. I make sure that I hit the gym twice a week to keep healthy.

    2. I try to chat with and hang out with my close friends on a regular basis.

    3. I make sure I have some personal time each day to recharge.
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  • 1 Work harder on myself than I do on my job (a lesson care of Jim Rohn and Earl Shoaff)
    2 Make time for relationships and building them
    3 Seek recreation from meaningful activities (i.e. not just tv).
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    1. I work when I want and I sleep when I want.

    2. I eat healthy diet.

    3. I take a walk 15-30 minutes every evening.
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    Here are three things I do -

    1. I have prepared a timetable (sort of) for doing only certain things at a certain time.

    2. I eat healthy food and avoid foods that makes me sluggish .

    3. I spend around 10 minutes a day in morning doing Yoga.
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    I work and finish my task in the morning so I can spend time with my family. Before I would spend too much time on the computer and it affected my communication with everyone. Now I'm more balanced and my situation is better.

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    1 - Take 10 - 15 minute breaks each hour from my work. This practice helps me to create balance like no other.

    2 - Exercise each day with a 45 min to hour long walk.

    3 - Spend significant time in personal development daily. The computer goes off between 6 and 8 each night and I don't go back online until the following morning.

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    I usually finish all my task in daytime so that I could go out and play basketball with friends.
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