simple meditation trick to help you relieve the stress

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This is pretty straight forward technique, but it work really really well. This is complete magic. I dont remember the name of this meditation technique, but its pretty good.

1) Take a small yoga mat or you can sit on carpet. Do not sit on floor. Your body shouldnt touch floor, otherwise you will get 0 result from meditation.

2)Sit on yoga mat and take 3 deep breaths.

3) Make sure, the room is dark, turn off all the lights. Light a candle, place it at a distance of 3 feet from you.

4)Your eyes should directly be infront of candle's flame.

5) Keep staring at flame. Keep looking , try not to blink. Keep looking as much as you can. After 5 to 8 mins, your eyes will start getting wet. Let the water roll , do not blink. After a while, because of water in your eyes, you wont see anything.

6) Right at that moment, close your eyes. You will see a reflection of flame while your eyes are closed. Concentrate on that reflection.

7) Now, this is pretty interesting point. If your soul is strong and you dont procrastinate, you do what your intellect want you to do. Then you will concentrate on flame's reflection with no effort at all.

8) However if you jump from one opportunity to other and you got no focus in your life. You will have tough time concentrating on reflection. But keep trying.

9)After 7 mins while your eyes are closed, the whole reflection will go away. Open your eyes again and start looking at candle's flame again. Just repeat the whole process.

10) Keep doing this for 40 mins.

11) After 40 mins, lie down and relax for 10 mins.

Do this meditation and you will feel lot better.
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      Originally Posted by moonfish View Post

      Thanks for that, it sounds like a little too much hard work to me though. I use brainwave entrainment on a daily basis to meditate and to help my creativity. All I have to do is relax for 20 minutes and listen to some relaxing tones, it works a treat for me
      There is huge difference between listening to sound and meditation. I have done both and you cant even compare both techniques. I have lived with monks who have spent their entire life meditating and trust me, sound waves doesnt even come close to what they preach.

      If you get time, try to do this meditation. Trust me, i have done both and you cant even compare both things.
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    It may sound tough, but it is not. May be the way i wrote is making it more tough. Its just looking at flame and then closing your eyes
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    well, if those sounds made such a huge impact on your life. Then i have no doubt you will gain a lot from this meditation. Second level is Breath meditation. Its bigger than what i described. Then, if you want to go beyond that. Then its "Dhamma meditation". Its ancient technique of meditation which monks in tibet invented thousands of years ago. I have no experience in dhamma meditation, but couple of my close friends experienced it.

    they say its one of the best. You know what the most amazing thing about dhamma meditation is? Those who teach this meditation charge no money from you. You even get free food, accommodation from them. This is same way how Buddha use to preach these techniques. They are continuing the tradition and charge nothing from disciples.

    However, once you finish the course, you are free to donate for future disciples.

    Anyway, i hope this turn out to be good for you.
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    Meditation becomes relaly important for the guys like us, who most of the time sits against their mac. The busy routine does not give time to exercise and makes you a couch-potato or a dork who feast on junk food and keeps on pressing the keypad.

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