Have You Checked Out Of Ego City?

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How big is your ego? Does it get in the way?

It's fine to have a healthy ego. When it holds you back, it's a detriment. Pride can be injurious to your chances of becoming successful.

I suffered through a few instances recently where my pride got in the way of my common sense. Those close to me wanted to help me through some situations. I thought that I knew better but in its own special way, the universe hit me over the head with a jackhammer to tell me to get off my high horse, submerge my ego and accept good things.

I had to own the negative feelings before I could move on. I checked out of Ego City, at least for a little bit

So what about you? Have you checked out of Ego City, at least temporarily?
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    Pride goes before a fall. If you can't control yourself, you can't control others.
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    Great topic here Ryan.

    For the most part I have checked out yes. I am more than happy to put my ego aside in favor of progressing towards my goals.

    For example, if I am speaking with someone who has a totally different point of view about something, I rarely argue. I tell them they are probably right and then they get annoyed that I'm not arguing LOL. Instantly I win the battle because the resistance has been removed.

    Some people may say that this is shying away from my problems and "avoiding conflict". But to me... that is the EGO speaking. I would much rather maintain my goal off being at peace and not needing to prove my opinion to anyone other than myself
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    Money advice! Most debate - especially when arguing starts - is simply the ego's whining "I wanna be right, I wanna be right, I HAVE TO be right." So much time is wasted building resistance which could be spent heading directly to the most effortless way to reach your goal.

    Good stuff buddy, I'll keep it in mind

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    Ego is important. It's what gives form to life. The key is to be in control of it, be able to access the SWITCH OFF button.
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