coming out if my silence...what I have learned

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I used to post here a while back, and I went on a journey of self discovery and to confront my demons.

I would like to share with you what I have learned.
1. no one can hurt you other than yourself. You are the only one that can interpret a thing as hurtful or painful, if you choose not to do so, then nothing can harm you.
2. nothing exists but the mind. you can only experience the things you have in your mind, again, if you change the way you see/look at things, you change those things effortlessly.
3. we are all one, we are all god. by this I understand that there are no other people "out there" for my mind, everyone is seen through the filters that I have put in my mind, I only see my "concept" of that person, and never see that real person. also, to the mind there are no other people, so what I think about others is reflected on me.
Also, we are not "part" of god, we -in our entire being- are god.
Everything is god, nothing is different than god, god is the energy that holds the universe together. (you can change God for source, light, energy, or whatever word you like most).
4. Money is just energy, and it reacts to my concept of it.
5. the more you want something, the less you have of it
6. the less you want something, the more you have of it
7. the more you give to others, the more you give to yourself

And finally, I have come to the full realization that everything is in the mind, and that the only limits that we have are the ones that we believe are limits.
There really is no limit to the mind or to what we can achieve with it. It is only through learning how to master the mind that we can achieve everything effortlessly.

I hope this serves you as it has served me.
Nathan Romano
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    Hi Nathan,

    Glad to see that you have come back from your journey wiser than before. I too have taken such a journey in the past myself and like you I have gained the insights you have shared. It is true that a lot of what happens to us happens in our mind. If we are aware of that, it will be easier to handle what life throws at us.
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    Hi Nathan. I took this journey awhile back as well and had a huge paradigm shift.

    I learned many of the lessons you have mentioned although with #5 and #6 in your list, I have to disagree. I truly believe that whatever you do concentrate on, you get more of, yes, and most people concentrate on what is going wrong or the negative things in their life, so that it what they get.


    ...I have learned to move past that and put my thinking to the positive things. Show gratitude each day and stay focused on those things which I love and want more of. It works and I see more abundance each day where in the past I had only noticed what I did not have.

    Welcome back. I am looking forward to hearing more from you!
    Deirdre J. Baker
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      Nathan Thank you for sharing your strategies for self Discovery. We appreciate you.

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    Wow Nathan, that is quite the journey.

    I used to study music at a 'prestigious' university here and half way through went on a journey of self discovery myself. Probably didnt turn out quite as positive as yours has

    But Its such an invigorating experience isnt it...

    Thanks for sharing, and hope you continue on the way to happiness
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    That was a superb post Nathan. I believe in the commandment 7 and I do every bit to work it for me.
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