IM stepping stone - how I get started and how I kept running when I was clueless...

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Well, I'm writing this in the middle of putting action of my action plan (on my next 'money machine'), but let's have a lil relax...

I'm inspired by CHRIS TEW (thx bro for writing up something inspiring with no hype at all) to tell people which have not reached success online.

It's not that easy until YOU CHANGE!

What makes internet marketing hard? It's you yourself, you are afraid to put ur information n knowledge into action, to give it a shot, to only focusing on your limit/ obstacles/ weaknesses, on what you don't have ...

Am I right? (yes .... )

What you see is what you get (WYSIWYG), right? What you see, what's your focus?

If you think you see like what I told you prior, please change it. Shift your mind, please?

Stop seeing what you don't have, see what you got and do it. It's about your ACTION 'MUSCLE'. The more you take action, the more easier it gets (even it's still not that easy when I say 'easy' in here).

If you have been buying or reading or watching vids and ebooks, then you already got the info so please put it into action.

I can't give you any longer of this article now, I'll try to write more detail about the mind shifting next time. I hope CHRIS TEW can contribute around this too.

I got started with .....

It's not a success story (yet), but let me tell how I get rid of my bad days in IM.

I started with no knowledge and people around me in IM world. I don't even know about DOMAIN NAME!!!

One day, in a marketing magazine (offline magz) I saw a picture of a girl sitting in front of her laptop on the beach, and she's working. This article was about "passive income" or something like that.

That's where I started to dream.

NOTES: Dream is very very very important. When you stick to it, then you'll be unstoppable! Dream is not the same with VISION, now I have synchronized my dreams and vision, so I can 'SEE' what I want to get in my dream and vision.

It's my dream that made me keep running even if I was clueless, frustrated, afraid to step forward, and tired.

I dreamed about travelling around the world, and happy life, no specific working hours, etc.

but I got a big problems ...

I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW ABOUT DOMAIN NAME, or something technical. . !!!
hahaaha ....

But who cares!?

I took a monthly course which is not very good (I just knew it now) but it gave me good enough the basic knowledge about internet marketing and some stuff like that.

Basically I like marketing and selling.

At that time, I already got this mindset :

success is 95% about DREAM and your ATTITUDE, 5% is only technical which I can learn. So? Let's do it!

NOTES: Your attitude determines your altitude

Shortly, I started learning online, buying and downloading courses, reading ebooks, joining wealthy affiliates (Hi kyle, here's your ex customer, hahaha), etc.

I wasn't succeeding. . .

Why? I was afraid to put it into actions, and something like that, you know right?

So, it's just like how Chris Tew said, that put it into actions.
You'll get nothing when you don't act.

I then learnt to make a plan, action plan.

I got a goal, I make a plan how to achieve the goal, and I did it.

Guess what?


I then started made small money in first.

How do I do now in IM?

In internet marketing world, now I'l still learning and I'm gonna get my first 4 figures income online in this year (before December), because is going on the right track.

PLease support me this time, I'll get back to you guys and write the 95% factors of succeeding in IM.

See you later on my next article.

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    "NOTES: Dream is very very very important. When you stick to it, then you'll be unstoppable! Dream is not the same with VISION, now I have synchronized my dreams and vision, so I can 'SEE' what I want to get in my dream and vision."
    Great words!!
    It starts with vision. That ensures Integrity, which is key.
    All the "make a million dollars this year" wishes are just that: wishes.
    The goals that spring, spontaneously and inevitably from your true Vision, are the ones that will change your life.
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    What you said is exactly right. Having a dream is so important but a dream without action is just that...a dream.
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    Every action starts with a vision. The clearer the vision, the more consequent the action...

    If you take the time to write down down everyday every step needed towards your success and consequently act on it, you will start to feel a sense of satisfaction and well-being that will help you the next day...

    Segmentation is very important, because you run the risk of getting discouraged if you plan too big too soon. View your big picture, segment it into smaller objectives, put down a clear time line for their achievement and do your best everyday to do all that is humanly possible for the attainment of that goal...

    There is but one true recipe for happiness:

    Goal + success + = satisfaction = happiness

    With every small goal you achieve, you will start to experience success that will in return boost your confidence. Self-confidence is essential to the achievement of any goal. Every small success will bring you closer to the definite goal you've set out for yourself, and when you'll finally get there, you'll have an unshakable confidence that will help you carry on any endeavor you wish to pursue...
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    Synchronizing dream with vision is very important. An insightful post. I really need to work out somethings.
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    Nice post! Think big, work hard, achieve it. 4 digits this year is not too bad, keep up the great work!
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    Be waiting for the your next post here. It's post like this that helps motivate us who are just starting out (and also those who are still on the fence trying to gain courage to jump in). Thanks.
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    One of my favorite quotes is "A goal is a dream with a deadline."
    "Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something."
    ~ Plato
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      Originally Posted by cma01 View Post

      One of my favorite quotes is "A goal is a dream with a deadline."
      So true, many people love to dream, but without going a step further and actually making the commitment to follow through and attach some kind of a deadline to it, it remains just that - a pleasant dream with no attachment to reality at all.
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    You've hit the nail on the head. It is so hard to maintain focus in this business. I printed out my goals and plastered them all over my wall to keep me reminded WHY I'm doing what I'm doing.

    Michael Lee

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    yeah, you've got to printed it. If it still doesn't work, you have to PAINT your wall to remind yourself your goal and stick to it.

    Don't forget to have a review once a month maybe, it's up to you.

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