He sleep with my wife...

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During a cheating scenario in a relationship...which person have the strongest emotional strenght. The man or the woman ?

When a man cheat, a woman keep the pain inside...when a woman cheat the man express the pain by (abuse)

Its a fact the woman is more emotional stronger than a man..She is a expert to keep the pain inside... ....That why they saying go..a man can beat (abuse) a lady..a thousands times,...but when time goes on a man will go on his knees and cry for forgivenes.....

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    Some men cry after learning their wife cheated on them! Women will beat the I don't know what out of their husbands after learning of an affair. Everyone is different when going through something like this, it's really terrible.

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    Men and Women can be weak if it relates to "love" thing.

    I hope we, as human being will learn how it is to be cheated and won't do the same thing to our partners.

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    I'm sorry, but I'll have to go with men for this one...

    The reason why men overreact this way when they get cheated on is because they're mainly hurt in their pride and not by loss of love itself...

    Women, on the other hand , might react more discreetly, but believe me, they carry the scars for the rest of their lives...
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    Women are truly stronger than men emotionally. Even though we stereotype them as the gender which cries more, women do deal with pain silently in more of life's situations than men.

    My favorite male-female stereotype (and it is a stereotype, I know; that means it is very common, in fact) is how a housewife/mom who gets sick still gets the meals cooked, the dishes done, the lunches made, and the kids off to school, no matter what. When a man gets sick, he turns into a big baby who does nothing but lie on the sofa while his wife nurses him. :-)
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    Emotional strength isn't simply based on gender. Everyone has met people of either sex that are strong/weak emotionally. I think lots of cultures see men as being stronger or less influenced by emotion, but I doubt that's actually true in any objective measurement.

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    Strong? It depends on the person, and what is meant by "strong." Do you mean not showing emotion, or do you mean how fast one recovers?

    It hurt, but it had nothing to do with pride. She was the one who I loved wholeheartedly and trusted with everything... We might not be together anymore, but I still love her- just some things that I can't trust her with (obviously).We still get along pretty well.

    I was pretty shattered for a while but I lived through it, and nobody got violent. Wallowing in self-pity, blaming everyone but yourself, holding a grudge and being resentful just isn't worth the energy people put into it. I don't have time to worry about the problem- I'm too busy with the solution.

    The fact is that I'm just as well by myself as I am in good company. Anybody- be it a girlfriend, wife, or good friend- knows this about me: I move with a purpose, and I don't stop... you either get right and keep up or get left. I feel what I have to feel, but I still keep moving.

    If that makes me strong, then great. If not, then Oh well... I made it this far, and I only have the rest of my life to do everything I want. No time for tears.
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    This is a tough question because I believe anyone who experience this type of situation will feel frustrated. He or she might act cool about it but deep down inside, only they know how much it hurts.
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    Nice discussion.. I'm not really sure which is stronger because I have seen some aggressive violence from both genders in my life. I guess it's all depend on how much control their have over their emotion and anger. Cheating is horrible!
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    It depends personality traits, family background and environmental factors.

    There is no generalization here. Some women are strong emotionally; some men are weak emotionally.

    As for me, no woman can beat me for cheating on her. Why should I even think of it?
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    Men are more emotional than women i realize it.
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    If they both have a consciense, both parties will be hurt. Ever watch 'Cheaters', probably 98% of those that caught were absolutely sorry that they hurt their loved one and vice versa even though most break up on the show. When people cheat, is something below the surface that they are trying to fill - e.g lust, lack of feeling loved, emotional distress e.t.c. Just my pennies in the pot
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    I'm a man and I get emotional sometimes. That makes me a man for admitting it..
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    I believe it was Abraham Maslow who, when asked what it felt like to be a total master of self said "Ask me when Im 60 and my sex drive has dwindled down some...".

    He said he couldnt wait for that time to come so he would no longer have to deal with the "sex motivation and distraction".

    Ultimately though , we are all freedom seeking beings, if a person feels they are in bondage, you have to set them free. You dont have to put up with cheating because that is not in harmony with your "earthly" (marital) agreement, but you cant make someone love you if they dont.

    Cheating isn't always a lack of love either..., just a lack of integrity, a sign of a weak composition, or can even be the result of "classical conditioning" from the environment that someone grew up in...

    You can choose to view it with compassion, or you can choose not to deal with it.

    Beating someone is not the answer.

    From my perspective, on a grander scale we are all one in the first place... these roles are all just games we play in the physical "experience".

    Emotional challenges are a part of that.

    Ps. I agree that women are stronger about this generally speaking... they are also more clever, so just because they can take it... doesnt mean you are getting over on them. "Watch out"!
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    That is true. i also agree with you..
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      Yes. You are right. If I were you I'll let go my wife and let her suffer on cheating on you
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    But if a man cheats than wife will forgive but if woman cheats than man don't forgive their wife.
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    That's right. Men are POLYGAMOUS in nature. But if they cheat, they just laugh their a** off. When women cheat, they beat their wives. So, who loses more? It's the women. I just don't know why men are that way. I'm not a married man. And I'm not rushing things. Piece of advise to everyone, know your partners first before deciding to tie the knot. Marriage is a sacred ceremony. Respect it.
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  • It all depends on belief systems. Some believe that cheating is ok. They are usually called a polygamist (polygamy, as opposed to monogamy in which a person has only one spouse at a time.)

    Both of these beliefs men and women can have. Some people are conscious about it, some are not.

    The problem is when monogamists enter into relationship with a polygamist. In my opinion, you should let the person to behave as they wish, and get out of that relationship.
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    I don't think the focus is about the 'power' a man or woman has when cheating...but the way that the pain is dealt with.

    Either way, I don't see a 'winner' as a result.

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    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned....

    Don't know who said that but it's so true, unfortunately first hand experience
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      We're not talking strength here, it's who was weakest first.
      The damage is done. Move on with greater wisdom.

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        I wonder what all this has got to do with internet marketing. Perhaps I've strayed into the wrong forum? Mind explaining, Allen?
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    I think it's about even,but women seem to be able to hide their feelings
    better than men.
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    Nice topic. I guess it will just depend on how you control the emotion and anger.
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    Not all men and woman deal with pain the same exact way. Women may fight their pain out and men may even cry there's out. It depends on the person really.
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