Best tip to give to newbies

by zigato
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For any newbie trying out internet marketing for the first time, what advice/tip would you give them to overcome all the hurdles they'll face?
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    Be persistent, be consistent, and be faithful!!!
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    To use one system and stick to it.

    One of my biggest problems has been that I am always distracted by "shiny" new programs and courses that ultimately mean it takes longer for me to get where I need.
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      Ruth, absolutely correct & most people fall into this TRAP.

      Cheers, Z'da
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    I am a newbie myself but I think time managment and efficiency is important.I would suggest a book called `Getting things done` by David Allen.
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    The best advice someone gave me is this: "There are winners and losers: winners are givers and losers are takers". It's from a book called The Miracle of Tithing, by Mark Victor Hansen.

    And of course, stick to a proven plan (and there are lots of them here on the WF). Focus and work hard on it.
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    Find someone who's successful at what you wish to achieve and follow them, model them, get their blueprint and apply discipline & dedication to ONE thing until you succeed.

    Failure = Feedback

    Cheers, Z'da
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    The Law of the Farm:
    You till the soil, plant the seed, nurture the sprouts, pray for rain and sun (and
    irrigate if necessary)...
    But even with all that work, you can't rush the harvest. You must just be ready for
    the harvest when the harvest is ready.
    (And be sure you don't pull up the plants to check the roots.)

    OH! AND Integrity! Figure out who you Really Are, and be that. Integrity is the most important--and most commonly shared--character trait of the
    truly successful.
    Without Integrity, one's Vision is faulty, so one's goals are misguided, and even
    "success" in the venture fails to enrich life and increase peace.
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