Feng Shui - Any experiences, anyone... ?

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Feng Shui, pronounced FUNG-shoo-ee, according to Wikipedia definition:

"... an ancient Chinese system of aesthetics believed to use the laws of both Heaven (astronomy) and Earth (geography) to help one improve life by receiving positive qi."

The term Feng Shui literally translates as "wind-water."

And Qi, Ki, or Chi (depending on country/language) is generally the life
force that exists everywhere. In humans this energy flows along the
acupuncture meridians. It can be regulated and made stronger by proper
breathing and other means.

The idea/concept with feng shui is to orient objects in a certain way so
chi will flow better and be in greater harmony with your environment. There
are many uses and types of feng shui, according to what I've read.

I've heard of it, but never tried to use/practice it.

Have you ever practiced feng shui? Or perhaps have engaged the services
of a feng shui practitioner?

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    I am using a Crystal band recommended by Feng Shui Consultant in my wrist - it helps me to concentrate well and remains cool .
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    I use a book called "Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life" by Karen Rausch Carter. She teaches a simplified method which I gather many traditional feng shui practitioners look down on. For my purposes-- which is to use symbolism to remind myself of what I want to achieve, give me an incentive to clean, clear clutter and keep me mindful of the spaces I inhabit and their effect on me, it's just perfect.

    I have some great examples of it 'working'. (Mind you, I don't necessarily believe it DOES work, but, as I say, it's great for my purposes.) Probably the quickest and funniest was when a friend was afraid she was going to lose a potential client she thought was just perfect for her business. She thought he was unimpressed with the initial consultation and was sure he wasn't going to call back. I told her to put his name in an aluminum foil envelope in the 'helpful people' corner of her house. She called back 5 minutes later to tell me that just as she was doing that he called and set up his first appointment.

    I used feng shui principles to sell our house, too-- and that was a great experience. I hadn't even put it on the market and got a call from a real estate agent who gave me a nice offer as is from a private client. (Then again, that was at the height of the real estate bubble, so I don't really think feng shui had a lot to do with it. And no, I didn't use feng shui or anything else mystical to time the sale-- that was just a combination of common sense, a pretty good grasp of economic principles and reading the right blogs.)

    Another practice I have from feng shui is putting red tape or ribbon around pipes and drains. Water symbolizes money and the red is a symbolic way of keeping money from going 'down the drain'. Again I don't know if I believe this, but I figure it can't hurt and has the benefit of making me take notice of my surroundings and think about what I'm doing more.
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    I haven't spent as many years studying Feng Shui as I have other esoteric "sciences." However, I have no doubt that many of its ideas and insights have value. (I, for instance, have THREE fullsize fountains in my back yard, where I do my morning mediations and take my breaks during the workday. The sounds, vibrations and soothing energy of all that flowing water is undeniable.) On the other hand, many Feng Shui practitioners (one's who provide "services") are charlatans. Dig up the ole "Penn & Teller's Bullsh*t!" episode where they use hidden cameras to debunk several Feng Shui businesses as nothing but hype and gimmickry.
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    I know what you mean about feeling really good energy near water
    and especially flowing water. I've felt the same as you described
    sitting on the banks of streams that weren't too small and were
    moving at a good speed.

    Sounds like you have a nice backyard.

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    I don;t have any experience but i would like to have

    Take a short break ... Fun games

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      Is he spamming or what?
      Just seen another of his post in another thread.
      Whats going on? behave Ace
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    sometimes i get into a meditation, or hold focus on a visualization, and then i go about arranging my space. i might draw a picture and hang it in whichever place seems right, or i might put a crystal here, or move the furniture there.. this way, after i go out of my trance and back into every day life, each time i see the items that i placed, on some level, i am anchored back into the vibrations i was holding when i placed them there. i came up with this method all by myself. i like it. give it a try.

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    I like your method, ukCat... Whether or not it's "real," who's to say? But it's the best, most intimate "method" of Feng Shui I've ever heard of. Keep it up.

    And listen to the fountains. (And yes, Ken, I have a very nice backyard. It's my pride and joy... just for me.)
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    (forgive me if i'm being redundant.. i love this topic)

    i'm by no means a trained feng shui professional,
    but it is my estimate that a space arranged while the arranger/agent is reflecting on anything but the Intended Reflection, the outcome is sure to be little if any good.

    for instance, if i'm in my office and i meditate on serving others,
    i may suddenly decide to paint the walls a certain shade of orange.
    forever after, when i am in the room of orange, i will be inclined to feel that urge to serve because my subconscious (maybe even conscious) self will remember the association...
    however if i'm focusing instead on how much i desire money, the color i choose will reflect my desire for dollars and not my intent to serve. big difference.

    with this approach in mind, Never decorate or re-arrange things
    when you're in a bad mood! hahaha. i like symbols in my space too,
    like a statue of 'the thinker' a beautiful hawk feather, and growing plants..

    ah yes, fountains. they will help you flow. and the sound brings peace.
    i've even read something about moving water releasing negative ions,
    which the article said is good for happiness. showers, fountains, rain!

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    my experience with Feng Shui is first to keep the flow inside of my office, clean, nice off whites colors in the wall, plants, aquarium, etc. Because my number my desk is pointed west so with all these my office is not a mess I feel good, I am organized and I am focus in my work. I believe in some point is helpful.
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    we practice feng shui in the family. Its just being inline/in harmony with nature. this might be a subjective topic to talk with objective explantions. fengshui is a science but we take it something subjective when it comes on the issue if it really works. but it can be explained objectively how it works. it works well for us.
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    unknowncat, that is very insightful, and I think you've hit the nail on the head:

    Feng Shui is about the insight and effort-of-mind (and spirit) put into the process.

    What makes peace BRINGS peace. I "toiled" to bring my three fountains to life... and now they give me peace. They give me life.

    Coincidence? I think not.
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