Your Chance to Put a Smile On Someone's Face

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Memories haunt. Especially the bad ones, and when they do, they haunt like hell. At a tender age, I wished I could erase the bad ones and leave the good ones to rock in my head. That obviously was one of those wishes a silly little boy like me could think of. If I were given the privilege at that time, I would gladly do it. But what would I stand to gain? - live happily ever after?

If I had successfully wiped out those bad memories, that would leave me with good ones, then my life would be no different from fairy tales. I know fairy tales are fables: Princess never had a frog prince - Beauty never married the Beast - Snow white never got woken by a lovely kiss from a prince; maybe that's the reason why my wish never came to reality. I' m grateful for that.

Bad memories may be filled with tragedies (no wonder it is called bad memory) - pain it brings that seem never ending - anguish it cast to one's mind that seem everlasting - sleepless nights that make one lose hope on the idea of later falling asleep - countless of nightmares that make one wish night never came; these are often by products of bad memories. Nevertheless, I do know of one advantage we derive from bad memories (be sure to email me if you know more. I would love to learn from you) - It makes us cherish the good memories. A good memory out of thousands of bad memories is worth more than gold to its possessor. Make others smile today and increase the number of your good memories.
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    Thanks for the info yeah I do believe the same.
    Nice to see ya here
    To your success!!!!

    Do enjoy each and every moment of your life
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    A smile is the simplest, and most consistently powerful gift we can give everyone we meet during the day. If you take it in that frame of mind, it's not selfish, not about Me Getting My Daily Dose of "Paying it Forward." No, it's JUST for them... and that is the Magic.
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      Nice post withyouamalive!

      I agree with you sparkie2260. A smile and paying it forward really do wonders...not just for others, but for yourself.


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    Really if anyone making happy to someone, then it's mean he is working nice.
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    Great post, thanks for sharing
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  • So true, I wish I could only store good memories in my mind. But if not from those bad memories I would not be the person that who I am now, its still part of my development.
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