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I wanted to share with you all to day the most important key for success That I have learned. The key is to be consistent in what ever you are doing. In order words, do the same thing, at the same time every day.

If you plan to get up at 6.00am every day, then do it consistently, not here today and there tomorrow. I have been writing articles lately and quite enjoy it. So I have determined to be consistent in order to see the results I desire.

Newcomers especially be consistent, this will help you stay on top and keep motivated.

Gloria Joseph
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    Hi Gloria,
    You’re right, I’m trying to apply this principle to my article writing just now, by writing one article daily before starting anything else.
    My problem before was having too many things to do, so I guess I need to prioritise and stick with one task at a time.
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    If you keep doing the right thing, you will keep getting the right result. It's all about what you put in is what is brought out for you (WYSIWYG).
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    Agreed. In principle, consistency is a great way to be sure you're not sabotaging your success. The Law of the Farm applies here too: Not just consistency, but also a plan, a system that guarantees (or gives the best chances) for success. Adopting some daily rituals and consistently performing them is also one of the keys to being happier, according to Tal Ben-Shahar's book, Happier.
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    Persistence and perseverance is the key to success IMO.
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    A never say die attitude brings you success.
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    How long can determination last if all the effort bring nothing at last?
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    Don't stop util you achieve your goals.
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    One thing that a lot of people overlook to achieve success is the way you look.

    People will decide whether their going to be interested in what ever offer you have for them just by looking at the way you look/dress. If you dress like crap then they will assume that the company your representing is crap, but if you dress like a millionaire, they will assume that the company your representing is somewhat legit and is willing to look more into it.

    You never have a second chance to make a first impression. . . .

    This is also true in relationships, the girl will analyze you and then decide whether shes going to give you a smile to flirt back at you, if you look like you have your life under control, she will. If you look like garbage she most likely wont.

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    Wonderful thread and great comments!

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    find success when despair
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    Completely agree. And the matter is in human's physiology. Our body gets accustomed to definite activities in definite period of time. And if we change the order our body doesn't know what it's happening and what to do next. Subsequently, we cannot work, cannot sleep, cannot think - we are like stones.

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    High quality of my work is guaranted.
    PM if you are interested.

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    Thanks for motivational post much appreciated!
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    Thanks for the advice - I know I should but sometimes I slip....
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      Great post, Gloria.

      Consistency is very important. I think the challenge that a lot of people have is they start something with good intentions and an abundance of enthusiasm and energy. They do what they need to do for a few days, then stop to check their results and measure the progress they've made.

      Upon seeing little to no results, they start to question things instead of staying in the flow of consistency.

      That's when they become vulnerable to shifting directions. That's when the latest and greatest program with all it's bells and whistles appears and looks like a sure shot. So the tendency is to jump into something else instead of staying on the chosen path. But a consistent effort in the same direction is the key to getting anywhere.

      Do it long enough and it becomes a habit and then you don't have to think about it anymore.

      What if the first hour of the day was spent writing articles or content for a book or course of some kind? Even if all you could manage to generate was a single page of text, after 30 days of doing it CONSISTENTLY, you'd have 30 pages. It could be 30-50 separate articles or a single report or ebook.

      Either way, consistency delivered the result. And after doing it for a month, it's much easier to keep the routine going without having to push yourself too hard.

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        Thanks for the motivational message.
        Everyone can attain success. It's depend on you on how you will strive for it..
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    rise and shine at the same time every mornin'. :p
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    Yes it is hard to stay focused and determined in IM. Just like anything, the more you put in, the more rewards you will see.
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