Do You Have Enough Faith In Your Vision To Ignore Appearances

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I wrote a blog post today about entirely ignoring page views.

How many of you have enough faith to know that what you're doing *is working*, independent of page views, social proof, responses?

This is a toughie for most, and for me until recently. Until my vision became My Reality I tended to be influenced by appearances that didn't conform to my vision.

Keep in mind your ego may lash out at this statement. Your logic may fight it. Your thinking mind may attempt to shoot holes in the "ignore page views" argument, but spectacular results rarely find their origin in this level of the mind.

When it feels like things are working - on a spiritual, error-free, intuitive level - they are working. Appearances don't matter. And to make matters worse, when you trust too much in these appearances guess what happens? The appearances perpetuate.

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    The way I like to think of it is, the world is stranger than fiction. No matter how I feel, or what I see, does not determine what the future holds.

    I believe in God, and I know He will deliver things beyond my comprehension. Sometimes it's all about having faith
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    Hi Ryan,

    I kind of agree with you. I believe that what you focus on gets bigger, so if you're looking at a lack of pages views you will get more of the same.

    It is tough to keep the faith during challenging times, but it all comes back to doing what you love. If you love what you're doing it's much easier to get through the tough times.
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    Well I have total faith in myself and that I know what I'm doing... but I wouldn't want to do it blind... I heavily rely on stats, analytics, analysing my work and results... I KNOW if I do this I can get to my destination... I'm not so sure without this attention to detail...

    They say that a "rocket fails it's way to the moon"... that it works, but needs constant analysis, tweaking, and redirecting constantly, as 1mm of error at the start of it's journey would leave it 1000s of miles off course by the end... The scientists know the rocket works, but that doesn't mean they ignore the stats and analysis, and certainly not that they would be more successful without them...

    fair enough... stupid comparison, but by having a good handle on stats, keywords that are sending you traffic, where you are ranking... these are all pointers to guide you - to guide you which keywords are profitable, which you need to build more backlinks to rank for etc..

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    Cool guys, good feedback here. Thanks for sharing

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